Flower battle!






Flower shop vs. My Garden. Who wins? Tonight, YOU DECIDE.

IMG_3032(P.S., these smell better. Like 5000 times better.)


October Colors in the Garden

Burgundy mums are my favorite. Pink is nice, I’m sure yellow is cheery and all that, and orange is perfectly suitable for blending in with pumpkins and whatnot, but deep wine red is just so satisfying. And the smell! Not specific to any color, obviously, but I’ve been known to stand for a long while with a branch of mums in my hand, rubbing the leaves and inhaling deeply. I do this in the garden, in the flower shop, and once at a boutonniere work-shop, where my co-worker thought I was sniffing glue.  Anyway, let’s put that moment behind us… Last year, while working at the greenhouse, potting up mum cuttings for the fall season, I brought home a few extras, grew them on and planted them in my garden for a nice little autumn display. We had such a mild winter, one of them came back this year! That very rarely happens for me. I don’t mind a bit.

Second week of October, and still no frost. The Impatiens are grateful.

A new hosta I put in this summer. I wish I knew it’s name, but it had no tag when I got it. I find I am growing addicted to hostas, something I never would have believed could happen. They are just LEAVES after all, just a bunch of GREEN with pathetic flowers that don’t do much for anyone. Well… that mature clump does look really eye-catching… and those giant blue ones… and the tall neon-green… and those itty-bitty variegated ones with bright yellow stripes! Yeah. I’ve been bitten.

Clickety-clickety for a loooot of pictures, and more plant gushings than you ever wanted to read.

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Tea for Twenty-five.

When the roses are in full bloom, you’ve been working so many hours that you feel like you don’t see any of your friends any more, and you’ve been on a diet so long you’ve nearly forgotten what it’s like to bake with white flour, what do you do? When, you host a garden tea and invite everyone, in hopes that at least a few can make it. Fortunately, they can. 🙂

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Roses, roses, roses…

Most people who know me at least know of my passion for roses. Yes, they can be finicky, prone to pests and disease and sometimes up and CROAK on you unexpectedly, but OH. There is something so universally romantic about them, and they bring me such joy. Over the past 10 years I’ve collected some 35 rose bushes, mostly heirloom/old garden roses, a few climbers, a few David Austen roses… no tea roses, they are the ones that up and die in my neck of the wood. Maybe if I lived in some mid-atlantic area I’d try the again, but since I DON’T, and I think the old fashioned double-stuffed (aka ‘cabbage’ type) roses are gorgeous, that’s what I’ll stick to.

Here’s a sampling of some of my roses, taken over the past couple of weeks. We had such a mild winter this year that very little died back. As a result, the climbers are stunning.

With clematis ‘Niobe’.

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Mother’s Day/Prom Flowers

This is my third season working at the nursery, which has a flower shop attached to it. The first year I didn’t help in the flower shop because, well, that’s not what I was hired for! But THEN, the florist quit on Mother’s Day. Walked out. Left then in a giant lurch, you might say. The florist’s helpers frantically stepped in and pulled it all off, but I’m sure that day is burnt deeply in the owner’s mind! When they hired the next florist, she saw I was a creative, artsy type and asked me if I wanted to learn flower arranging. DID I??? Since then I help out on holidays etc. when they need more than one person in the shop. In this particular town, the high-school schedules their prom the same weekend as Mother’s Day every year, so there are three days of frantic taping, wiring, clipping, spraying, glitter and ribbons. I stole a few precious moments to snap quick pictures of a few corsages and arrangements that I was working on. In our small-town community, the people are a bit old-fashioned; most corsages are roses or carnations. Someday I hope to start seeing orchids and different things, but we’ll see.


Simple corsage with yellow mini carnations and white wax flower.


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