Things Unrealted to Food.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated life-in-general things. My last update was right after my sister’s wedding, so I go to my picture files to find out what I’ve been up to since then… it’s all a blur to me, so thank the Good Lord for digital cameras.

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Best Friends…


“Best friends know how crazy you are, and still choose to be seen with you in public.”

True. But MY friend Kacie doen’t sit back and watch me be crazy; she’s right there beside me all the way. This past weekend we attended the wedding of mutual friends, where they had a photo-booth set up. For me, this was definitely a highlight of the day. I confess when I heard there was a photo-booth, I got all excited because… “I’ve seen those on PINTEREST!”
Yeaaaah, I need to spend less time on certain websites.


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My Christmas season

I have several friends who are attempting the 365 thing this year… you know, where you post a picture of something from your day every day for a year. It is so much fun to keep up with when someone actually does it. I know a few who have; I love the idea, but we all know by now that I’m not good with staying true to a course like that. I might last a week, maybe. So I decided, hey, I can still put up pictures when I feel like it, of whatever I’d like to share with you.  Duh.

So, to start with, here are some highlights from my Christmas season.


I made sugared rose petals for our Christmas dessert. It was Jubilee Cake, in honor for the Queen’s Jubilee. Two layers of s moist almond cake with clotted cream and raspberries in between. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the right kind of cream to make clotted cream, so I ended up with sorta-thickish but still runny, lumpy cream. Hey, it still tasted good. But it did make me angry at the FDA or whoever it is that thinks we need to have everything ultra-pasteurized. But that’s a different topic…

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Walking on Water

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and a couple of friends went over to a local historic site by the lake for a walk on a pleasant fall day. We haven’t had much rain in a while, the the lake level is down quite a bit. A lot, in fact. People in the area haven’t seen it this low in a long time.

We were able to walk along a good part of the lake-bottom, which is now a 20-30 foot-wide strip of barren rocky ground in some areas. The coolest part was, eons ago there was a train-tack that ran across a bay, from the town where I live  to the town, well, on the other side of the bay. Go figure.

Anyway, it hasn’t been there during my lifetime at least, but sometimes when the water is low you can see a bit of a point from the far side where the tracks once lay. Now, the water is so low, there is a point from our side  that is well above lake-level, half way across the bay.

So, naturally, we walked half way across the bay.


This far.

Because we simply couldn’t go any further.


Yet another tale to tell the grandchildren.

I walked half way across the lake.

30 Day Meme, Day 4: Friends

4.Write about your closest friend(s).

This is a bit of a challenge because I have several very dear friends who live scattered across the country, who I KNOW I would be much closer with if only the miles were much shorter. Deb, Becca, Maureen, Sam and Krista happen to be a few of them who also blog, (there are more, but girls, you need to blog so I can link to you! <3)  so go check out their stuff. 😉

So for this post, I am going to write about my closest friends who I could see just about any day I chose. There are vastly fewer of those. Be forewarned, I’m a girl and tend to get gushy and sentimental.

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