To pierce or not to pierce…


Whatcha think?


Counting down the hours…

So. I’ve been on this thing called the HCG Weight Loss Solution. Basically, you take these drops, eat a strict diet, and lose weight rather quickly. Don’t worry, it’s not a scam. It’s been around for 60 years or so, has nearly all good reviews, and I did lots of research before I began. In the last 40 days, I have lost 24 pounds and got myself down to a pant size 12. No toothpick am I, but I am thrilled to bits about this, so of course I had to go and buy clothes, HAH. *ahem*


Anyhoo, that wasn’t supposed to be the point of this post! What I meant to say is that I am literally counting down the hours here… until the next phase, where I’m off the drops and I can add more foods to my diet! I’m not going to be a hog and gain all the weight back (there’s stabilization… wait, there’s too much to this to try explaining it, why don’t you go read about it yourself? *) but seriously, you don’t appreciate eggs until you CAN NOT HAVE THEM for 6 weeks. In a nut shell, I’ve had lean protein, fruit and vegetables for that length of time, and not much else. I can’t have starch and sugar yet, but I am seeing visions of fruit and yogurt (home-made, sweetened with stevia. SO GOOD.), granola, crustless quiches and salads with actual dressing on them. I leave dreams of potatoes and desserts for a future date, right now I’d be happy with a ham and cheese omelet.


48 hours.



* DO you want to know about HCG? Because I’m willing to tell you all about it… leave a comment if you’d like info, or maybe I’ll do a post about it. I just want to be sure someone is interested before I leap into the depths of explaining this highly complex-but-successful thing.