About Valerie

Greetings from beautiful Upstate New York! My name is Valerie, and I’m a twenty-something home-schooled country-girl, with a vast range of interests I hope to share with you. I currently work seasonally in a greenhouse/flower shop, and at home I am known as a freelance artist and armature cook, among many other things. I love books and British movies (accompanied by a large pot of tea, naturally), flower and herb gardening, spending time with children, lots of laughter and silly humor,  and pretty much anything creative. I’ve had to cut back on hobbies because I collect too many. I’m also very interested in diet and nutrition as a lifestyle. I’m unashamedly Christian, and while I won’t be trying to force my beliefs down anyone’s throat, I may occasionally voice opinions that I hope you can simply take as something to think over.


4 thoughts on “About Valerie

  1. Hi Valerie – I was just sent the link to your site, and want to thank you for your blog on the Champlain Bridge celebration in May! So many dedicated folks put a lot of time and effort into it, and it makes us so happy to hear how folks enjoyed it! (BTW, I am the one with the sense of humor… 🙂 and we had a great time collecting song suggestions for the fireworks show!) Thank you for the wonderful photos, and we are honored that your grandfather was a part of the celebration!

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