Hey, you. It’s YOU.

On a similar topic, but not exclusively Whole30, I have been toying with the idea (yet again) of getting trained as a health coach. I have helped a number of people to change their eating habits and loose weight (and quite frankly, they do a better job of keeping it off than I do… the curse of being a snacker who can’t figure out how to break the habit…) and I love being a part of that and seeing people’s lives changed for the better. There’s an online course that I would love to take, it looks marvelous and has a good reputation compared to other online schools I’ve looked at… but alas, the ever-present problem of I-don’t-have-money-right-now keeps me from even applying. Maybe in a could of years, after my car is paid off. We’ll see. In the meantime, I read books (a new one on balancing hormones is currently in the mail heading my way – so excited!) and blogs and try methods out on myself, and cringe and squirm when I read conventional health magazines. Uuuggghhh. I used to get a couple of health magazines when my interest was budding, but I ended up cancelling them, because they are seriously full of lies. I’m a first-hand witness to the effectiveness of many things they call quack solutions, and I’ve seen the damage done by the ‘healthy’ eating habits they promote.

Here’s one example I personally love – my dad, around 350 pounds with high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. His doctor tells him that instead of eating a real meal for lunch, he should grab a banana and take a walk. Um. Yeahhhh. That will totally balance his insulin… NOT. My dad is still about the same size and on more medications than ever, 15 years after his diagnosis, and multiple nutritionists’ failed plans later. And, I confess, my own recommendations to him have failed. He’s a compulsive binger*, and not open to truly forever giving up certain foods that are his problem, so while we have been feeding him well at home, I have a sneaking suspicion that he’s eating things at work he shouldn’t be. Otherwise, the only thing I can think is that his medications are keeping him from loosing weight. So he’s a puzzle I still work on.

This I will say: if you are someone struggling with weight and health issues cause by it, YOU have to be willing to change. These ‘eat whatever you want and loose weight’ diets are lying to you. You might loose a bit at first, but it is not helping you to change your mindset, change your lifestyle, and those are the things that got you to where you are in the first place. And I say this with much compassion and love, as one who has been there, and still working through the mire of emotional eating. You can certainly be inspired by people around you who encourage you, but DO NOT force someone else to keep you accountable. You will end up feeling like they are the enemy, keeping you from what you want, and your anger will come out as anger toward them. (Anyone been that person? *raises hand*) Then they will be angry in return and probably tell you to bugger off. They might feel inclined to give up on helping you, and you are left to yourself… which is where you should have been in the first place. You MUST be willing to keep YOURSELF accountable from the start. If you are at someone else’s house for dinner, eat what you know is healthful for you. It’s not a chance to binge on forbidden foods. It’s a chance to prove to yourself that you are in control of what goes in your mouth. If you are home alone, don’t think of it as a chance to eat off-limits foods with nobody to see. Think of it as a chance to prove to yourself that you are more than a slave to food. Trust me, your confidence rises when you start to find you can have food habits that leave no regrets. It’s liberating.


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