Things Unrealted to Food.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated life-in-general things. My last update was right after my sister’s wedding, so I go to my picture files to find out what I’ve been up to since then… it’s all a blur to me, so thank the Good Lord for digital cameras.

Lots of pictures ahead…

In early November, my dear friend Deb came all the way from Texas to visit me for a few days! We had a hilarious time together… for the most part.


I have been in two car accidents in my entire life, and she happened to be in the car with me both times. I got rear-ended (fortunately with very little damage) and then I hit a deer (which caused RATHER A LOT OF DAMAGE) within three days. Needless to say, I am still a bit nervous behind the wheel.

My younger sister and I journeyed down to Rhode Island for our first official visit to our married sister’s new domicile. We took a walk along the shore, which I’m sure would be LOVELY in June. This was not June.  It was frigid.


I spent about 6 weeks making wreaths for Christmas sales at my place of employment.


And now that I’m one winter break til March, I take care of this nerd a couple of days a week. We have the BEST times together. He’s such a corker.


Back before Christmas we had a wee ice-storm. I’ve seen much worse, but it made for cool pictures. These are ice-covered grass-blades, in case you couldn’t tell.



And… I’m not quite sure why I’m showing ou this, but I actually completed a project. I made little curtains to go around the bunk-bed in my room, quite literally so that I can throw junk up there (no one sleeps in the top bunk at present) and no one will be able to see it. Ahhhh. Yes. I am  THAT much of a slob that I will actually MAKE CURTAINS rather that keep things tidy. *sigh*


A detail of another painting I’m working on.


Aaaaand a good portion of my evening hours has been takes up with the fact that I have been converted into a Doctor Who fan, and I’m not ashamed.  And being a Sherlock fan from the beginning, I’ve been delighted with the new season AT LAST. I wish I could gush about it more, but I know it hasn’t technically all aired here in the U.S. yet, so I won’t spoil anything for anyone. Also, I got to see Thor 2 and the second Hobbit movie, so entertainment-wise it’s been a very satisfactory winter. And I just thought I’d mention that I spend too much of my time on pinterest, pinning things like this.


And this…


And this.


And this.


Oh, and this…


Because Tom Hiddleston is adorable and I can’t help it.




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