Where has she been?

She (myself) has had one whirlwind after another over the summer and fall.

First, my brother got married. If you’ve ever had a wedding in your family (and I assume you have) you know what that entails.


I had the privilege of being the florist for his wedding….


I was asked to do a book cover for a friend who is self-publishing a juvenile novel.


My sister got ENGAGED and I threw her a bridal shower!


I took a weekend off from life to go camping with a group of other Christian young adults, and hiking in our glorious Adirondack mountains.


I very nearly finished a seascape painting for a friend… but not quite. Here’s a detail of it.


I took another weekend trip with friends to Old Orchard Beach. I saw first-hand how much better God is at painting seascapes than I am. 😉


And I spent two months planning my sister’s wedding, which took place this past Saturday.  It was a beautiful, joyful day. Here is the bride and groom with her siblings.  Oh, I did the flowers for this wedding, too!

Fauna's wedding

Today… today I am officially chilling. Catching up on Downton Abbey, taking a nap, eating left-over wedding food and reading a newly released novel written by my friend Louise


What are some of the highlights of your summer/fall?



One thought on “Where has she been?

  1. Hi Valerie! What a busy lady you’ve been – it looks like you’ve made yourself rather indispensable to those you love 🙂 You have such a gift for making things beautiful and it’s clearly seen in the little snapshots of your endeavors!
    God bless,
    – A

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