Where I work, and how I get to be bossy.



“My” Greenhouse!


You see all of those byoooteeefull plants? About 98% of what you see in this greenhouse, I planted. And there’s a whole other house full of vegetables (very nice, but not terribly pretty.) that I did most of, too. That’s what I do March-April; plant bazillions of seedlings. And water stuff. Once May swings around, I get to do more fun stuff like helping customers, plant mixed containers and… water stuff. Only now, I get to water stuff about three times a day. (NOT COMPLAINING about the gorgeous weather we have; I just spend  a lot of time watering.)


I’ve been working in the same place for a few years now, and I know my boss is confident in my abilities without him saying so. For instance, today he informed me that he’ll be gone all day tomorrow, and he’s not leaving me a list of things to do. He told me to do whatever I want. This is pretty awesome. He knows I’ll get everything that NEEDS to be accomplished done first.


This past week was the first time since he labels me “Greenhouse Manager” that I actually started to feel that position. He left me in charge of two other workers, one who is slightly handicapped and one who… basically has no idea what she’s doing, so I’m helping to train her. I got a little taste of what it is to be a boss…


Being the boss in a greenhouse means that when someone is sprinkling water around willy-nilly, your blood pressure goes up and you start seeing dots before your eyes and you observe sharply (I meant it to be FIRM, but I may have actually been SHARP. I’m new at this boss stuff.) that Gerbera Daisies are susceptible to rot and don’t need to be watered unless they are actually dried out.


Being the boss in a greenhouse also means standing at a distance and watching in shock as something is done… differently. Not the way I would do it. Not efficiently. Mentally running over the potential results of my mentioning the difference. Telling myself to stop fussing over every little thing.


Being a greenhouse boss also includes smothering the urge to strangle someone when plants are wilting and on the verge of demise because of… well I don’t know why, it was a lame half-muttered excuse, but so HELP me if those plants die I will tally them all  up and tell you just how much money you lost our boss.


In short, being greenhouse boss brings out the Mama Bear of the Nursery in me. I am observing character traits about myself I’ve never noticed before, and trying to figure out how to be in charge, make sure I give them truly important correction, graciously, and let things that don’t matter so much slide.


It all helps be appreciate my boss’s patience with me all the more. I’m sure my first year (possibly even still) I’ve done things that made him stare in amazement (not in a good way).


After all that, the original purpose of this post was to show you the beauty of the place where I get to spend my days this time of year. I am so thankful to have a workplace full of beauty, all the fresh air and sunshine you could ask for, and a great boss and co-workers who look out for eachother.


I am very blessed.


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