Income Tax Brain Freeze

I was working on filing my taxes online, and got all the way through step one all by myself. Then I came across a road-block. I’m not very good at these things… “These things” being anything to do with numbers. I’m supposed to file information about last year’s taxes, but last year my taxes got all bungled by the lady who did our whole family’s taxes, and then mom went to H&R Block to have them fixed, and so I have a second set of papers; something to do with Amendments. Not even Constitutional Amendments, which I actually would read with interest. Nope. Income Tax Amendments. I looked at bawlingthe first page for a good hard 30 seconds and my brain was frozen solid. I like to explain this phenomenon as being related to when your computer freezes. It makes an awful roaring noise, gets all hot and nervous, and no matter how many buttons you push and how many things you try to click, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENS. That’s my brain on numbers. So of course, I went running to Mommy. Only… Mommy’s not home. Shoot. The kids had dentist appointments today, and I’m sure while she was out of town she would get groceries and probably feed the kidlings at some point, so who knows when she’ll get back. I know, I know… I’m a big girl, I should be able to handle all this on my own. But I can’t. If I was literally on my own, I’d be calling some Tax Help Hotline for assistance.

So, with the ability to finish filing taxes postponed indefinitely, I took the free moments I found myself with to jabber at you for a while. You are welcome. Happy Tax Season.


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