A Word on Fruit Juice


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While I’m on the topic of juicing, I just wanted to add a small caution: don’t use too much fruit. Food pyramids, posters in your doctor’s office, television, all over the place you will see people promoting anywhere from 5 to 9 servings of “fruits and vegetable” a day. Great. So I can eat 8 oranges and 1 cucumber every day and be healthy! Wrong. I’ve also read comments in health forums by confused people talking about how they feed their kids such healthy food, all they snack on is fruit all day and yet when they go to the dentist their teeth are full of holes.

Well folks, the frustrating fact is that more people like fruit than vegetables,*raises hand*  and fruit should be kept to 2-3 servings a day, because of the simple fact that most fruits are high in sugar. Yep, it’s natural sugar, BUT, it’s sugar. Your body doesn’t really know the difference. Ask anyone you know with Type 2 Diabetes. My dad has been given his fair share of fruit baskets, out of the kindness of the hearts of people who think they are doing him a favor by not giving him boxes of chocolate for his birthday. Little do they know, all that fruit can send him into hyperglycemic shock nearly as easily as the chocolate would have. And most varieties of fruit found in the supermarket have been bred to be super-sweet to make them more ‘kid friendly’. It is true that fruit contains some level of dietary fiber which slows down digestion and the sugar is absorbed more slowly than in soda, etc, but when you juice, the fiber is out of the picture and it’s pretty much just sugar again.

So. I’m not here to tell you that fruit is evil and you shouldn’t eat it. I just want to give you the fair warning, for your body’s sake, that making fruit juice with a touch of something green thrown in is not the idea behind green juicing. Right now, I’m keeping my ratios 1:1 at the most, and I’m working toward less and less fruit as I get used to the green flavors.

Please check out this list of fruit sugar content, and keep in mind that at any given moment, your bloodstream handles 1 teaspoon of sugar. That’s 4 grams. (And people wonder why I give them a death glare when they hand their child a soda…) Don’t freak out, we are created to handle the excess sugar to a point, but it’s something to think about next time you browse the candy aisle. Or the fruit section.

**Disclaimer** I am not a nutritionist. I am not a doctor. I am not all-knowing. I know this full well. I just enjoy studying nutrition, health and wellness, and these are things that I’ve gleaned and think are important. If they are incorrect, I apologies for leading anyone wrong. Please let me know.


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