The World’s Greatest Hero

He chose to take the cross, shed tears for the lost

The broken and the needy, forgiving those who were and will be

The angel made it clear, he told them, “Have no fear He’s not here, He’s not here”

There He goes, a hero, a savior to the world

Here He stands with scars in His hands

With love He gave His life so we could be free

The savior of the world.


The Last Adam

This is a video that they play in one of the theaters in the Answers in Genesis Museum. We showed it to my foster siblings today, hopefully as the beginnings of a Resurrection Sunday tradition, re-enforcing what this day means to us as Christians.

Income Tax Brain Freeze

I was working on filing my taxes online, and got all the way through step one all by myself. Then I came across a road-block. I’m not very good at these things… “These things” being anything to do with numbers. I’m supposed to file information about last year’s taxes, but last year my taxes got all bungled by the lady who did our whole family’s taxes, and then mom went to H&R Block to have them fixed, and so I have a second set of papers; something to do with Amendments. Not even Constitutional Amendments, which I actually would read with interest. Nope. Income Tax Amendments. I looked at bawlingthe first page for a good hard 30 seconds and my brain was frozen solid. I like to explain this phenomenon as being related to when your computer freezes. It makes an awful roaring noise, gets all hot and nervous, and no matter how many buttons you push and how many things you try to click, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENS. That’s my brain on numbers. So of course, I went running to Mommy. Only… Mommy’s not home. Shoot. The kids had dentist appointments today, and I’m sure while she was out of town she would get groceries and probably feed the kidlings at some point, so who knows when she’ll get back. I know, I know… I’m a big girl, I should be able to handle all this on my own. But I can’t. If I was literally on my own, I’d be calling some Tax Help Hotline for assistance.

So, with the ability to finish filing taxes postponed indefinitely, I took the free moments I found myself with to jabber at you for a while. You are welcome. Happy Tax Season.

A Word on Fruit Juice


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While I’m on the topic of juicing, I just wanted to add a small caution: don’t use too much fruit. Food pyramids, posters in your doctor’s office, television, all over the place you will see people promoting anywhere from 5 to 9 servings of “fruits and vegetable” a day. Great. So I can eat 8 oranges and 1 cucumber every day and be healthy! Wrong. I’ve also read comments in health forums by confused people talking about how they feed their kids such healthy food, all they snack on is fruit all day and yet when they go to the dentist their teeth are full of holes.

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Green Juice #1

green juice


My apologies for the horrible, horrible photo. It’s 11 pm and I just realized about 20 minutes ago that I wanted to have green juice ready for my breakfast in the morning, on the fly to work. So, I made a batch of what has become my personal favorite juice, bottled it, (dotcha like the bottle? Isn’t it adorable? T.J. Maxx. $4.) and wanted it share it with you. I just stuck a pad of newsprint paper behind it to block the other, more hideous clutter from view. I wanted to illustrate just how GREEN this stuff is. I love it! This is what The Jolly Green Giant drinks for breakfast, I’m pretty sure. He sits around with The Hulk, discussing how to get more kids to eat their vegetables.

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