They told me this would happen.

About two weeks ago, I started juicing. Mostly vegetables. Not major juicing, not the juice-fast thing by any means. Some mornings I have juice for my breakfast, some nights I have it with my supper. Still eating more than plenty of my regular food. I wanted to see how many veggies I could get in there after months of knowing that a small handful of spinach in my fruit smoothie wasn’t cutting it. The handful o0f spinach is great for what it’s worth, but when weight is a problem and sugar is killing several members of your family, having too much fruit is a very real problem. Likewise not enough vegetables.


As a child I was the picky eater of the family and allegedly didn’t eat anything green. (I ate cucumbers. Lettuce. Celery, raw, as long as it wasn’t bitter. Peas are the spawn of Satan, even to this day.) During my experience with hcg weight loss and learning SO much about nutrition and healthy eating over the past year, I have come to enjoy a lot more vegetables. But I still don’t LOVE them. Especially greens, as in the leafy things. Cooked greens are EW. After watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” (which you can watch for free on Hulu.) I decided to try some green juicing. It makes sense. We even have a juicer that someone GAVE us. I’ve tinkered with a few recipes and learned some things I like (mint is an excellent idea with celery, cucumber, kale and pear. Nom nom.) and some things I don’t like (While one cucumber is delicious, TWO is slimy. And the lemon peel needs to come off. Seriously. They told me it was optional!!!)

Tonight while prepping for a fresh batch of juice, I discovered something. I’d read somewhere about a woman who did a lot of green smoothies, juicing, and veggie eating in general. She come to a point where going to the grocery store and seeing greens on the shelf of the produce section would cause her to salivate.


It’s happened, people. There I was, cutting up KALE of all things, and when I tossed it in the colander with cucumber, celery, lime, ginger, swiss chard and pear, I literally started drooling.

This doesn’t have much to do with the flavor of the juice, actually. All things considered, it tastes pretty dang good most of the time. I add liquid stevia when it needs help (almost always).  Typically, there’s a degree of bitterness to it, but most people don’t mind that. This drooling things is an involuntary response my brain has to the huge boost of nutrition it knows is coming my way as soon as those veggies are liquified and in my glass. I don’t crave the flavor. I crave the nutrition. I don’t sit around thinking “Gee, that juice tastes so good, I can’t wait for the next glass.” but if I go a whole day without any, my body feels sad. I’m not even joking here, that’s the best way to explain it.

So if you have the ability, I encourage you to give green juice a try, and make your body happy. If you don’t have a juicer, ask around. It’s the type of equipment that people often buy and then find they don’t use (silly them) and would be happy to get off their hands. Yes, fresh fruits and veggies can add up fast, but this of it as preventative medicine. As Fast, Sick and Nearly Dead shows, this guy tried to help his brother by suggesting he try juicing, but his brother wasn’t interested. A few weeks later he had a heart attack. Where a juice fast can cost $15-$20 a day (meaning all juice all day – much less if it’s only a glass or two a day), this guy had $50,000 in hospital bills after his heart-attack. I’m not saying you’ll have a heart attack in a few weeks if you ignore me, I’m just saying that we all know the typical American diet had gone to pieces, and if you struggle like me to get your veggies in, here’s a good way to do it. You’ll probably find you enjoy it. You may wonder why you didn’t try it sooner.



3 thoughts on “They told me this would happen.

  1. I crave veggies like crazy now. When I’m hungry, the first thing I crave is kale or mustard greens. My system has enjoyed getting what it needs so much it simply refuses to go back to wanting junk, LOL.

  2. What juicer do you have, or is there one you would recommend over another? I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while, and after all of us being sick all. winter. long., I believe it’s time.

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