February Reading

I substitute-worked at our local library today. The director is out with a bad cold. I spent the whole, very long, rather quiet day just poking around, shelving books, straightening shelves, singed up one new patron and… read almost an entire book. Hey, I had 8 hours! And only like… 15 people came in during the entire day. And since I’m a sub and not an official employee, there’s not a whole lot that I can do when it’s quiet. 😉 I haven’t been to the library in a few months, mostly because I have an overabundance of my own books, plus a Kindle which already has close to 80 (mostly free!) books on it (AND I just discovered how to borrow eBooks from the area ILL system. Sweet.) So anyway, I’m never short of reading material. But when I spend the whole day in the library, I inevitable come home with a stack of books. Today, I kept my stack very small. I was proud of myself for that. It typically would be more like 10 books, but I can never finish them before they have to go back.


Yup, I have a strong, unabashed preference for JF and YA. I don’t think I’ve borrowed an AF book in … years. They tend not to be fun and full of filth, unless they are “Inspirational”, a genre which I’ve had more than my fill of. I overflowed with it in my early teens and ruined my taste for it. Anyhoo. I’m nearly finished with the Snicket. Hitchhiker’s Guide is next.



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