Philadelphia, Pa.

Hi all! A week ago I got home from visiting a friend who is going to school near Philadelphia. Philly is one of the few historic cities in the northeast that I had yet to explore, and let me tell you, I loved it! It helps that I am a big fan of the musical ‘1776’, so I had tunes to hum and lines to mutter [not so] quietly to myself as were wandered through 300 year-old brick buildings (Mr. A: “The entire universe was created in a week!” Mr. J.: “Someday… you must tell me how you did it.” Mr. A: “Diiiiisgustiiiing!”). I actually had a bit of a challenge balancing between jolly show-tunes and the awe-inspiring gravity of the REAL things that happened there. George Washington really was here. John Hancock actually DID sit there. Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration was first read HERE, and no, they didn’t sing about it. Goosebumps galore.


Independence Hall


Sarah and I, waiting outside Independence hall for our tour. It was a dazzlingly sunny, but windy day!


Sit down, John! Sit down, John! I just can’t help myself.


The Liberty Bell. I was surprised that it’s just SITTING there. It’s not in a case or behind glass. It’s right there. Begging for someone to reach out and touch it… but don’t. Please, don’t get any ideas.


Rocky doesn’t stand a chance against us. Hah. A-haha. BWAHAhahaha!


At the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I ponder Picasso. Confession; I have never been a big fan of abstract or modern art. It’s a good thing we went through the modern art wing first. I enjoyed it, but as soon as we stepped into a room full of Monet, Renoir and Degas I nearly hyperventilated. I never would have bothered with modern art after that.


Me and cousin Walter. You may have heard of him before. He wrote books.


Fare-well, Philly. It was lovely meeting you.


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