Philadelphia, Pa.

Hi all! A week ago I got home from visiting a friend who is going to school near Philadelphia. Philly is one of the few historic cities in the northeast that I had yet to explore, and let me tell you, I loved it! It helps that I am a big fan of the musical ‘1776’, so I had tunes to hum and lines to mutter [not so] quietly to myself as were wandered through 300 year-old brick buildings (Mr. A: “The entire universe was created in a week!” Mr. J.: “Someday… you must tell me how you did it.” Mr. A: “Diiiiisgustiiiing!”). I actually had a bit of a challenge balancing between jolly show-tunes and the awe-inspiring gravity of the REAL things that happened there. George Washington really was here. John Hancock actually DID sit there. Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration was first read HERE, and no, they didn’t sing about it. Goosebumps galore.


Independence Hall

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My Christmas season

I have several friends who are attempting the 365 thing this year… you know, where you post a picture of something from your day every day for a year. It is so much fun to keep up with when someone actually does it. I know a few who have; I love the idea, but we all know by now that I’m not good with staying true to a course like that. I might last a week, maybe. So I decided, hey, I can still put up pictures when I feel like it, of whatever I’d like to share with you.  Duh.

So, to start with, here are some highlights from my Christmas season.


I made sugared rose petals for our Christmas dessert. It was Jubilee Cake, in honor for the Queen’s Jubilee. Two layers of s moist almond cake with clotted cream and raspberries in between. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the right kind of cream to make clotted cream, so I ended up with sorta-thickish but still runny, lumpy cream. Hey, it still tasted good. But it did make me angry at the FDA or whoever it is that thinks we need to have everything ultra-pasteurized. But that’s a different topic…

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