Ten in a Bucket

Inspired by my friend Anne. Oops, I mean Ann. Without an e. I don’t know why. She wrote a post about the ten most important things on her Bucket List. Do you have a Bucket List? I’m sure you have. I have never seen the movie, but I have one; it’s a “Before I die, I want to…” sort of thing. Ann’s got me thinking. There are always, constantly, forever things that I casually say ‘someday I’ll do that’, but… will I? Will I even care next week? What are the things that have endured on my list for years, and will stay there until accomplished? Things I’m quite sure I won’t change my mind about. Ever. Until I kick the Bucket. Bwaha.

1) Hang-gliding. The closest man has come to actually flying. This has been on my list since I was just 3 years old and my family visited my Aunt in Georgia. We took a trip to Lookout Mountain TN, and I watched the hang-gliders launching from the top of the mountain and fly down to the valley below. (There are even pictures of me watching, but there’s a baby sleeping in my lap so I can’t go look for them right now.)  It is magical. I can imagine how absolutely free you feel.

2) Visit Scotland in general, and Foulis Castle in Particular.   It’s not a huge, romantic, fairy-tale castle. But it’s very real. And it’s the seat of my family’s clan. So… that’s a no-brainer. 🙂



3) Illustrate (a) children’s book/books. This is sort of a sore topic for me to bring up. When I stand before a mirror and stare myself in the face, the thought about being an illustrator pops into my head and I have to avoid meeting my eyes. I hold in my grasp (well, it’s literally in the desk drawer beneath where my computer is sitting) a manuscript for a children’s book that I actually am illustrating. And at this rate, my dreams of completing it will come true in about five years. *sigh* It’s something I really do want to do. And I CAN. But there’s a scaredy-cat living within me, and she whispers in my ear that I  can’t do this, that I will fail, that if I DO complete it it won’t be anything anyone would buy for their child, blah blah blah. Excuses, crutches and so-on. I just need a firm boot in the pants, that’s all.


4) Take up piano again. That’s right, again. Playing an instrument does not come naturally to me, and I’m pretty sure it never will. Playing piano was always hard work, because I sight-read music at the same rate sloths race through the Amazon jungle. I would read note-by-note, sometimes writing out the actual note letters next to the symbols to make things go faster. Eventually, the entire piece would be memorized and I could play it without thinking. This was awesome in some ways, horrible in others. I had a limited repertoire, and if I messed up half way through, looking at the music didn’t help much, because I hadn’t glanced at it the whole time and five minutes would pass before I figured out where I was. But when I played just for the pleasure of it, just for me, good heavens it was glorious. I haven’t played hardly at all in several years, because of this complex called “My-baby-sister-would-have-been-besties-with-Beethovin-so-why-bother-trying”. She moved away last year though, so I got rid of that problem. *cough* Kidding, kidding… I miss her dearly. But she’s much less intimidating 800 miles away. 😛

5) Learn Swing dance. Preferably with a partner. 😉 I learned a few steps once and felt all giddy and ridiculously happy about it. More, more, I must have more!

6) See The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. (And this sort of encompasses my ‘visit NYC’ plan, but POTO is at the top of that list. )  This one may actually happen sooner rather than later! Oh, unsuppressed joy!

7) Figure out how to support myself from home, whether with my art or otherwise. I know, I know… real people have real jobs. But I can dream… (this one is on the condition that I remain single for… the rest of my life…because… see #8 & 9)

8) Find the love of my life. Definitely on the to-do list. With the condition that he actually exists.

9) Raise a family. Only after #8 takes place. At this point, I don’t even care how big* or how small, I just want a family. And I will home-school my children awesomely or die trying.

10) Become a woman after God’s own heart. I don’t care if that does sound cheesy to some, it really should be #1 on this list. If I fail at all the others, my prayer would be that this is the one I keep chasing.


*I used to insist that I would have a HUGE family, say, 16 or so, mostly to shock and amaze all the women I know who think that 4 children are too many to handle or that the shape of their bodies are more important than children.


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