October Colors in the Garden

Burgundy mums are my favorite. Pink is nice, I’m sure yellow is cheery and all that, and orange is perfectly suitable for blending in with pumpkins and whatnot, but deep wine red is just so satisfying. And the smell! Not specific to any color, obviously, but I’ve been known to stand for a long while with a branch of mums in my hand, rubbing the leaves and inhaling deeply. I do this in the garden, in the flower shop, and once at a boutonniere work-shop, where my co-worker thought I was sniffing glue.  Anyway, let’s put that moment behind us… Last year, while working at the greenhouse, potting up mum cuttings for the fall season, I brought home a few extras, grew them on and planted them in my garden for a nice little autumn display. We had such a mild winter, one of them came back this year! That very rarely happens for me. I don’t mind a bit.

Second week of October, and still no frost. The Impatiens are grateful.

A new hosta I put in this summer. I wish I knew it’s name, but it had no tag when I got it. I find I am growing addicted to hostas, something I never would have believed could happen. They are just LEAVES after all, just a bunch of GREEN with pathetic flowers that don’t do much for anyone. Well… that mature clump does look really eye-catching… and those giant blue ones… and the tall neon-green… and those itty-bitty variegated ones with bright yellow stripes! Yeah. I’ve been bitten.

Clickety-clickety for a loooot of pictures, and more plant gushings than you ever wanted to read.

Toad Lily!!! I love it!!! This is my first year growing it!!! It totally caught me by surprise!!! I’ll now stop using exclamation points!!! I’d seen toad lily in catalogs for a long time, but the pictures never did much for me. Since it’s a shade plant, and my sunny gardens are being eaten up by the ever-growing maples behind the house, I need shade plants that make me happy. So, when my boss decided to grow and sell them this year, I figured it was inevitable. I must grow Toad Lily.

I planted them and promptly forgot about them. Then last week I left my self-inflicted hibernation that occurs every year at the end of summer (so tired… summer is too hard… peace… quiet… tea… sweaters…) and went for a walk around the garden, snapping pictures, and found this beauty had sprung up a good two feet high, with numerous branches and just dozens of buds still coming. Pictures don’t do it justice.

Pink! I love Anemone for adding a splash of spring-time color to a dying autumnal world.

Even though they have invasive tendencies, I don’t even care. It’s the gruesome neighbor-killing invaders which require Round-Up to be rid of them that I loath most. Anemones just sort of meander around and poke up here and there in a comfortable, friendly way.

“‘Twas the last rooooose of suuuummer…” The Fairy. Always gives one last show before winter sets in.

Not flowering, obviously, but I am impressed by the color of this hibiscus this year. It pops, very eye-catching. (Yes, my garden is a bit of a mess right now… I’m trying to find beauty among the ashes, okay?)

Ah, we have a friend amongst us!

October Daphne Sedum. Low-growing, but it begins to bloom as Autumn Joy is starting to go by.

My lantana! It’s so beautiful! I want to bring it indoors, but I’ll be jiggered if I know where to put all the plants I want to keep. I need a sun room. *sigh*  You know, what I REALLY want to do is play with it and see if I can train it into a standard. That would be awesome.

I don’t remember planting these fellows, but they are welcome. 10 points to the first one who spots the little beasts in camouflage.

This tree behind the house is typically flaming red and orange. No frost= meh foliage.

I forgot to save seeds for Spanish Flag last year, but happily, one seedling came up on its own. I like to let them climb up the roses after rose season is over. They are a cousin of morning glories, grow in the same manner, and are just as easy to start from seed.


3 thoughts on “October Colors in the Garden

  1. Hello, your hosta looks to be maybe either a katheryn lewis or a bright lights possibly. I tried looking it up for you, hope this helps. You have great pictures here.

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