I wish I could go back 10 years…

And tell myself this.


Those sleep-overs with friends in my early teens, when I tried trash-talking because the others were doing it and I thought they wanted me to be like them.

Those times when I tried to be the girl that boy might like, trying to get his attention. (pssst… it never worked.)

Sitting quietly at all those wedding receptions when I want so badly to get up and dance, simply because I know nobody expects it of me.

Just longing, longing to be part of things and spending hours on end trying to come up with ways to change myself so other people would like me better.

None of that works. No one is going to notice you, grab you by the arm and shout “You are SO MUCH like your sister, I LOVE it, let’s be friends!”,  or anything of the kind. If you are a quiet person, BE a quiet person. Just don’t be afraid to speak up when you have something to say. Don’t be afraid. If you are a bit of a nerd, BE A NERD. After people have a while to get used to you, they love nerds. And don’t freak out because it will take a while for it to happen! If you have quirks – and let’s admit it, we ALL think we are strange in our own ways, and because we all ARE none of us are as strange as we like to think – let those quirks shine. Those are what make you you. If friends don’t accept you with those quirks, chances are you really wouldn’t get along with them in the end anyway. So find some other weirdo (we abound) who grins when you blurt something completely off the wall, and live happily as yourself after.


One thought on “I wish I could go back 10 years…

  1. Oh wow, I so could have written this. All of it. All those times as a young kid, wanting to be the bubbly outgoing one who everyone would like, but instead being the one who more often than not was standing to the side quietly watching. Or working behind the scenes because it was easier than talking to people, LOL. Even now I deal with it, and I had to learn to just be who I am. Strive to be the best me I can, with the Lord’s help. And don’t worry so much how others perceive me.

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