You are a Soul


Ten things of today.

Good things:

1. I am finding time to post on my neglected little blog! I miss you, bloggy dear. *hugs*

2. Gorgeous, gorgeous weather, and someplace to go are a beautiful combination. ALL the car windows down and singing along with every song.

3. I made myself a rather delicious cheese burger with Seriously Sharp Cabot cheddar cheese, and I ate it on a lightly toasted onion bagel. Oh heavens, I have missed bagels so!

4. Working as a fill-in at our local library.  14 hours in the past two weeks! Yay for income and yay for spending my time in a House of Books.

5.  Free art books. The library has been pulling a LOT of their old books, and the librarian saved books on Picasso, Michelangelo and Da Vinci for me. (If you happen to know anyone who would like roughly 150 nondescript late ’80’s YA hardcover romance novels, please contact my library ASAP. My librarian would probably give you cookies.)

Not-so-good things:

1.I just poured myself a bowl of crunchy granola. I forgot the I had my braces adjusted today. Ow, ow, ow.

2. Three days into a ‘daily’ routine and I’ve already flubbed. Such is life. Le sigh.

3. Being in the right place with the right product in front of you and having absolutely no money with which to buy it. My neighbor wants me to pick up perennials for her, and I found some GORGEOUS ones today, but alas, I could not get them. I may have to tell her I need an advance.

4. Five-year-old screaming, demon-possessed hissy fit that you really can’t do anything about because we’re only a foster family and would rather not get thrown in jail, thank you. So you pick him up bodily and put him on his bed as ‘punishment’ which only induces more vehement red-faced screaming. *headdesk*

5. Feeling frazzled enough to actually post the above for the world at large to read.