I just wanted to plant some lilies…

Tonight I wanted to plant some lilies. Two pots of Casa Blanca lilies, to be precise.

They have been sitting behind the garden shed (which once was a chicken coop eons ago!) waiting since the day I brought them home from work… a month ago. Now they are budded and beginning to bloom (and smell like heaven), and next week I’m going to be gone for 5 days, so I wanted to get them planted before I go an they die because no one is here to water them. The problem is, the spot I wanted to plant them is undeveloped hillside. I while back I hired a strapping young one to dig and hack through the wild grasses to prepare the ground for a new flower bed (because we all know that’s exactly what I need!), so at least that part was done. But it’s a hillside, and like the rest of the hillside I’ve conquered, I intended to put in tiers with loose-laid rock walls, as seen here.

The upper tier is still a work in progress.


As I was saying, before verbosity too hold and we got carried away, I just wanted to plant the lilies. Just dig a hole and plant them, and worry about the stone walls and tiers and landscaping and whatnot another time. But of course that didn’t happen. Two hours later I came in to shower, covered with dirt from head to toe, sore hands and aching back, a good 8′ section of stone wall in place, a patch of rogue sumac pulled up by hand (because I’m dumb that way) and a large swath of the hillside leveled and smoothed and beautiful, ready to plant. But of course I didn’t plant anything. It got dark and the mosquitoes were descending en masse. I guess I know what I’m doing tomorrow.


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