The Inspiring Blog Award


I’ve been given the Inspiring Blog Award by Andi of Will Cook For Food. All I can say Anne, is from the bottom of my heart… awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! 🙂


So now I’m supposed to share 7 things you all don’t know about me. Hmm.

1. Teenagers terrify me. Which is odd, because I was one that so many years ago. I think they terrified me then, too. I’ve always been much more comfortable with any generation but my own- my parents’ and grandparents’ friends I would visit with, and I’d play with little kids. But those teenagers who won’t look you in the eye, who have cliques and won’t speak to anyone else, who make you feel like if you don’t flat-iron your hair to death and wear strappy tank-tops with your bra straps hanging all over the place then there must be something wrong with you… yeah, they scare me. I know it’s silly and that by NO means do all teenagers fit into that category. But it’s how I feel. 😛  It’s only in recent years that I’ve developed friendships with people my own age, but they never were ‘typical’ teens to begin with. They were strange like me. 😉

2. Yeeeears ago, Nancy Kerrigan was my heroine and my mom actually toyed with the idea of taking my to Lake Placid for figure skating lessons. It’s just as well that she didn’t, it would have been a lot of money that didn’t yield anything to speak of.


3. I wish there was a pill for the illness of procrastination. Maybe someday I’ll look into that…


4. I want to start a community garden! I think… not sure, I have to do some research and see how it works, but I think it’s a cool idea to help people who have no space for a garden or don’t know how to grow veggies. I could see it getting highly complicated and all the work getting dumped on me if I went about it the wrong way.

5. In certain circles, I am known as The Crazy Cat Lady. I only have three cats though, so I’m not sure I should qualify for that title.

6. Half of the book shelves circling my room I built myself. *beams with pride* Maybe someday I’ll get around to painting them.

7. I have four boxes of Samoa Girl Scout Cookies stashed in my closet for the ‘someday’ when I’ll be able to eat cookies again. Still not sure when that will be…


Aaaaand now, I’m supposed to list 15 blogs that inspire me. I’m not sure I have that many that I read regularly, but here we go –

Will Cook For Food, naturally. Fun food-writer with hilarious tid-bits from real life throughout.

Between the Stacks

Nightbirds on Nantucket

By Singing Light

E. Louise Bates

The Shadowlands

Pie in the Sky

Jackie Simmonds Artyfacts Pastel art tips and instructions.

Will Terry – Children’s Book Illustrator

Patricia C. Wrede   Author of Dealing with Dragons, etc.

Squeetus Shannon Hale, Author of Goosegirl, etc.

Robin McKinley Author of Beauty, Chalice, etc.

Maria’s Nutritious and Delicious Journal Grain-free nutrition.

All Day I Dream About Food Low carb, gf food.

The Urban Poser Another gluten-free food blog.

Heh, that was easier than I thought!





3 thoughts on “The Inspiring Blog Award

  1. Teenagers terrify me, too…
    It’s gotten better since I became a legit adult, but I’m not totally over it yet.
    AND – I have chocolate stashed in the far back of the silverware drawer for someday when I really need it. Stashing is cool…

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