Summer Harvest



Mom planted a mix of zucchinis this year. I like it! The yellow is pretty funky. Yes, it IS yellow zucchini, not summer squash. Behold the stem end. See? Nothing is not zucchini. Anyhoo. Four hills are giving us four zucchini a day currently, so I’m playing with a number of zucchini recipes! Most of them I love so far. Some to come shortly.


Click through for more summer yummies.

Black-caps! A sure sign of summer. They grow wild, but when they do stray into a domesticated areas we tend to let them alone. They are so delicious. Free food.


There was a good crop of them right outside my grandparent’s hatch-way.

Delicious and beautiful.


A bazillion years ago I planted half a dozen bush cherries. I figured bush=short=easy to pick. Sort of true. There’s no tree climbing involved, but you still end up stuffing your head inside a bush, because the cherries grow right along the branches on very short stems. Also, the fruit is small in proportion to the pit. I was going to make cherry cobbler, but after I realized how many hours of pitting would go into so little fruit, I know that cherry syrup was the way to go! And indeed it was, as you shall see in a future post.



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