Summer Fun: Home-Made Cherry Coolatta

You will probably never hear the end of my xanthan/guar gum fascination. About a month ago while trying to make a coolatta type of beverage, I ended with ice slush and flavored juice at the bottom of my cup. Mmm. After 30 seconds, all the flavoring is gone and you are left with a cup full of ice. Not thrilling, people! But THAT is why you use these marvelous gums. Seriously. Just look at that glass full of ice-cold pink perfection! I am going to attempt to give you a recipe, but be forewarned I’m kinda “Some of this and a slosh of that” when it comes to drink recipes.

This whole lovely thing started out with the bush cherries I was just talking about. Teeny, tangy, and delicious, but really frustrating to pit.

So, following the method used for strawberry syrup, I made fresh sour cherry syrup. Sugar free, of course.

So, following the method used for strawberry     syrup, I made fresh sour cherry syrup. Sugar       free, of course.

Sour Cherry Coolatta

10-14 ice cubes (enough to end up with 2-2/12 C crushed ice)

2/3-3/4 C cherry syrup, or fruit syrup of choice (I made a strawberry one for mom – she loved it)

1 tsp vanilla extract

Liquid stevia, or sweetener of choice, optional

1/4 tsp xanthan gum

1/4 tsp guar gum

Pulse ice in your blender until finely crushed. (If it’s a very hot day you may want to chill the pitcher in your fridge for a while first.) Scrape the sides down and add the other ingredients immediately. Add sweetened to taste. Blend until the texture is smooth and no longer chunky ice crystals, about 30 seconds. You may need to give it a stir if it’s very thick.

Yield: This makes about 3 cups – one very large serving for ME, 2 decent servings for normal people, or three servings for very small people.



5 thoughts on “Summer Fun: Home-Made Cherry Coolatta

    • As far as I know, I only have one gnome in my garden. But I could give him seven servings, right?

      Thaaaaaank you for the nomination! Awww, that’s a first for me! So happy! 🙂

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