The Ugly Old Chair (and how we fix it)

Behold my desk chair. A reject from my dad’s work place, brought home… 12 years ago? 15? It’s been around for a while.  It’s wearing out. It’s still comfy, but the vinyl is cracking. With the hot weather we’ve been having, of course I am wearing shorts, and the tears are painful against the skin. So. We must fix this.

Click through to see What Happened to the Ugly Chair.

Designer duct tape. That’s right. It was the only logical vinyl repair that I could think of. I don’t sew, paint was not an option.. and well, it’s pretty.

Taped the ribbing first…

The seat is done! All that wall-papering experience comes in handy. I’m loving how easy it is to line up argyle. Note to self and anyone else who may try this: When using horizontal strips of tape, start at the BOTTOM and work up, so the overlapping edge of tape doesn’t make a visible line.

Finished! I am beyond pleased with how this turned out. Durable, colorful, goes with absolutely nothing in my room (hey, the selection was limited…), and for about $5 and under an hour of work my Ugly Old Chair is now spiffy and cute.


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