30 Day Meme, day 15: Junk Food

15. Tell us your favorite junk food.


This is NOT my favorite junk food.

THIS is mint chip ice-cream. Which is all very well and good for the most part. Delicious, cool minty ice-cream goodness.

The real problem is the chocolate.

Please don’t hurt me. Just listen for a second. You are eating and enjoying creamy, smooth ice cream. Then – WHAM – you break a tooth on a rock-hard chip of frozen chocolate! I mean, really, WHO came up with the idea that eating frozen chocolate would be fun? Hmmmmmmm? As a child I almost wouldn’t eat mint chip because of this. I wondered why in the world someone wouldn’t just give me smooth pure mint ice cream. That’s not a bad idea! To get around tooth-breaking chocolate I would sometimes just suck the ice-cream until it melted or swallow the mouthful without really enjoying it; either way, you never taste the chocolate, so what’s the point?

Enter Stewart’s Mint Cookie Crumble ice-cream. I wish I had a picture for you. I scoured the internet and alas, came up dry. Just picture the chocolate wafer part of oreos, ground up fine and mixed with fudge sauce and swirled through mint ice cream. Oh good heavens. You taste the mint. You taste the chocolate. It’s soft and delectable. You don’t make any emergency trips to the dentist after eating a bowl of it.

Stewart’s is a chain store that’s pretty much only in parts of NY and VT, so most of you won’t get a chance to try it (sorry) but I’m sure there are big brand-name versions of it out there. It won’t be as good though. Stewart’s honestly has the best ice cream I’ve ever had. Their vanilla, when you let it soften a while, tastes just like home made ice cream. Ohmahgoodness.


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