30 Day Meme, Day 14: Siblings

I’m skipping day 13 “What do you think of Mean Girls”, because it’s one of those things I don’t have a clue about. Actually, that’s no longer true. I Googled it, and when the first sentence I read was “Cady Heron is a hit with The Plastics, the A-list girl clique at her new school, until she makes the mistake of falling for Aaron Samuels, the ex-boyfriend…” I stopped there. That’s quite enough, thanks. I have a life to live, I won’t waste it researching nauseating teen drama. Sorry if I sound like a snob.’


So, day 14: Talk about your siblings.


I have three siblings. I was the third, but since I came between two girls that basically makes me the middle child. There’s Mark, who is the oldest, but then Fauna is the Oldest Girl, which is basically another first-born. Then me, then Sharyl, The Baby, another title that comes with special privileges (please read all of this with a sense of humor… I’m really not this nasty.) .

I’m not really sure how to talk about my siblings here without giving out more information to the general public than they would appreciate. I’ve talked about my sisters in previous posts, but I try to leave my brother as a mystery of sorts, lest the single women of my audience get the wrong idea. 😛 Suffice it to say, my brother is a typical guy combination of gross boy and reliable man, hard-working and honest. We’ve never had a terribly close relationship, not compared to my sisters and I, since he’s a bit of a natural loner, and very private about what goes on in his head. The past year though, we’ve had some similar issues come up in our lives that have drawn us closer than before. It’s all good.

Growing up we had our spats, but on the whole we all got along really well. Not one fist fight, not one broken bone among the lot of us. Jealousy and sibling rivalry, yes. But I think we turned out alright in the end. Being home schooled, we were with each other all day every day, so you learn to get along quickly, otherwise life is miserable.

As my Uncle once said with wonder in his voice, “You guys act like… you LIKE each other!”


This is from 2 1/2 years ago… and it’s the most recent I have of all of us. I guess we are not a picture-happy family.


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