Little Laundry

Late-night laundry… trying to get household things under control before tomorrow, so our Sunday can be more relaxed. I’m reading friend’s blog posts and listening to music and folding a load of laundry (why do one thing when you can do three?). Big, heavy work-jeans; those would be dad’s. My brother’s XL T-shirts. Handkerchiefs, also dad’s… Mom’s capris… then my hand reaches mindlessly for the next item and out comes a teeny, teeny pair of shorts. Then a set of small purple jammies with pink butterflies on them. One after another, items for miniature people, and it hits me that I need to get used to this. My baby sister is 21, so it’s been a lot of years since we’ve had small clothes around. Now, we are preparing for a family of foster children to move in with us – possibly future adopted siblings, but we’ll see how all that goes. They come to visit about every week now, getting ready for the transition, and each time they bring a few of their belongings to leave, hence the purple jammies. At times my breath catches with excitement at the prospect of these young lives to help grow and mold and comfort… other times it’s in panic, the “WHAT ARE WE THINKING” kicks in as I weigh the reality and brace myself for it. There are so many things to think about and pray about and… things I just have to leave to the Lord. He has opened the doors for these children to enter our lives, I will take the changes as they come.


2 thoughts on “Little Laundry

  1. I love doing my niece’s laundry, little clothes are so CUTE. What an awesome opportunity with these kids coming to stay with you–I’m excited to see how God directs this!

  2. Hi, I am new to your page. I found you because I have been looking for other like minded bloggers that I can relate and share with. A bit about me; I have a blog journal that is a true journal from the 80’s between my cousin and I in foster care. I have written our story of abuse and how we found clever ways to protect each other. Which is why after reading your blog I think you may like it. I am trying to raise awareness and inspire at the same time. These journal entries have everything in topics including; sex, drugs, adoption, foster care, physical, sexual and mental abuse, running away, rites of passage, mental illness, love, hope, and most importantly dreams.I hope you look up Izzie and Eden’s diary on my page, I think you’ll totally dig it! Keep on writing, your fantastic! Thank you very much! Lydia

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