30 Day Meme – Day 12: Harry Potter

12. Your thoughts or opinions about Harry Potter.


I have not read Harry Potter ( I read about two pages of the first book once, and enjoyed it while it lasted.) or seen any of the movies, so I have no right to an opinion on him (thank you, C.S. Lewis for making that clear in my mind.).

I do have thoughts though. Growing up in a circle of Christian Homeschoolers, there was a huge amount of debate and general hubbub when Harry burst on the scene years ago – I hate to think how many years – about whether he was teaching children that witch-craft was okay, even cool/fun/whathaveyou. I am quite sure that a lot of kids did look into it as a result of reading Harry Potter. Whether this means Rowling is evhul and HP books should be burned in a Nazi-style mound on the village green – I highly doubt it. In fact, I expect that any book, regardless of how innocent or blatant it is, can be used for good or bad. I expect the huge popularity of H.P. has something more to do with interesting characters and intriguing writing on Rowling’s part. I’ll read the series by and by (Especially now… we have foster children coming to live with us soon, and one girl was just telling me she is reading H.P. I want to read them in order to know if THINGS need to be discussed with the children.). Just haven’t gotten through the shocking number of un-read books that already sit on my shelves.

As a disclaimer, please don’t think that I take true witch-craft lightly. Whether you believe it exists for real or not, (I believe it does) the fantasy type and the real type can sometimes get confused, which is why a lot of people don’t like their children reading it. I totally understand that, and if you chose not to read it or let your children read it, that is completely up to you. That’s why I DO plan on reading them, so I can know first-hand if I would rather keep them from my future children until they are old enough to filter things for themselves. I didn’t read much fantasy until I was 18 or so, because mom didn’t like it (legends and fairy tales were okay – you know, King Arthur and Cinderella. That stuff.). I don’t view this as overly-protective; only protective. I actually think I enjoy fantasy that much more now because it’s newer to me. I also have a strong appreciation for books that are not fantasy. I could see myself as a child as being the type to embrace fairies and dragons and spells to the point of not being satisfied with ‘real life’ stories.


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