Oh, farm-boys…

Let’s see if this video thing works this time. WordPress promises that all I have to do is copy/paste an url from youtube and it will embed, but last time I tried that it FAILED. Bad WordPress.

ANYWAY. I would like to think that some of you don’t know the song that this is a parody of, but it’s been so prevalent in our culture lately that it’s hard NOT to have heard it. Or of it. The original is pretty much disgusting to me, all about physical… you know… lust, in a nut-shell. When I saw someone post an agrarian parody, I had to check it out. Dirt flows in my veins after all.

These guys nailed it. The world needs more young men like them.

Best part: Water, water, water… you’ll know it when you see it. (heeeeyyyyy, that even fits in the song and I wasn’t trying! Hah!)


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