30 Day Meme, Day 11: Favorite Bands

11. Your top 3 favorite bands.



Aaaarrrrrgh, here we are playing the favorite game again! This is so distressing and unfair!



Here Goes.

1. The Beatles. But to put matters straight, I was a younger-generation fan before it was cool to be a younger-generation Beatles fan. Way before the Beatles Rockstar game came out. Before iTunes offered their music and the explosion of Beatles T-shirts were on every store’s shelves. I know it’s shallow to think this is an important detail. Blame it on my loathing of herd-following. Somewhat perverse, if it comes right down to it. If something is wildly popular, I will probably not pay any attention to it for several years. I wait for the frenzy to calm, then tentatively enter to see if it’s something truly worthy of loving. I just don’t like how so much in the music/books/movie world is successful because it’s expected to be. As I said, perverse.

I became a fan when I was just seventeen – you know what I mean? *snigger* – and worked for a few weeks at a friend’s retro diner. I was bopping around in my poodle skirt and scooping sundaes from the soda fountain and loved the music she had playing all day. A couple of songs caught my attention, and as it turns out, it was The Beatles.

Now, you must understand, in the circle of home-schooled Chrstians I grew up in, all I ever knew about The Beatles was that they did drugs, were hippies, and John Lennon said they were more popular than God and later was murdered. So I was rather surprised to find that their music (the early music at least) was not laden with blatant drug references and blasphemes and lewdness in general. It’s actually… really tame. Sweet ballads. Fun romping bits of summer from when teen life was a bit more innocent. Granted, not ALL of their music is innocent, there are a half dozen from my entire collection of their albums that I would skip. But they became a fascination with me, and I learned about their individual lives, their personalities (I spent HOUR on youtube watching interviews, live performances and the best Shakespearean play I’ve ever seen in my life.) their individual music… and I’m really rambling.

In short. I ❤ The Beatles.


2. MercyMe


LOVE THEM. Love their message, love their lyrics. Mr Lovewell is my favorite album of theirs. They have some heart-achingly beautiful pieces, and I love how on Mr. Lovewell it’s like each song draws strongly on a different style of music. Classic rock, latin style, you name it. Their love for people and their love for Jesus is so evident in their music. If there’s one thing that drives me batty it a ‘Christian’ band who, if you actually listen to the words, you’d have no idea that they were singing to Jesus. I’ve been to see MercyMe twice and they put on a great concert. They get the crown going, but it’s with worship, not fancy flashy clothes and silly stunts, unlike certain Christian boy-bands I can think of *coughcoughAnthemLightscough*.  If you aren’t familiar with them, go ye therefore and listen! And don’t forget to check out their cover-tune grab bag, they are hilarious. I want to hang out with these guys. (That last link makes me indescribably happy. You can guess why.)




3. Sojourn


Sojourn is a fairly recent discovery for me. Last August my sister and I attended a worship conference in MD with other worship team members, and for several of the sessions Sojourn led the worship time. They have a lot of great sounds, folksy, bluesy, a tinge of bluegrass here and there (I’m not a bluegrass fan. At all. But this is a tinge, remember.) and THE LYRICS. Honestly, each song is like listening to a mini sermon. I soak up this kind of music. I am spoiled by Sojourn and Sovereign Grace music having such strong lyrics, to the point where most contemporary Christian groups seem fluffy. (See how I stuck a 4th favorite in there? Eh? And you thought I’d follow the rules this time.)


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