30 Day Meme, Day 10: Pets

That’s right, I’m skipping right over 9. It’s another boring one, and I live to break rules, so there you have it.


10. Talk about your pets, or pets you would like to have.

There have been times in my family were the animals vastly out numbered the humans – two mama kitties producing two litters a year gave us 14 cats at one point. I’ve had two parakeets, we’ve had untold numbers of goldfish, tetras, oscars and I don’t know what all in the fish department, sea snails, crabs, as many as three dogs at once, a pygmy goat, 6 rabbits, a few pet chickens and… I think that’s it as far as pets of the past go. We also raised animals for meat, but that’s a different story.

Pet’s that I’ve considered having include guinea hens (I was discouraged by people complaining about the noise they make), peacocks and Highland Cattle. I know they are supposed to be a beef cattle, but HONESTLY. I couldn’t.

Could you?

And now, I introduce you to our three current pets.

That’s right, all we have left are three cats. After our history with animals, it really seems very easy to deal with.  Other than my dad, we are all cat-lovers anyway, so the cats are out babies. We’ve never paid for an animal; they are all refugees, and I like it that way.


Mo is our grumpy-old-man, slightly spastic weirdo. He has jealousy issues with the other cats, only want to sit on your lap if he’s cold, really does not play well with children and some times he just has this look in his eye that makes us wonder if he was once hit in the head with a club of some kind. Also, he recently grew a giant mole thing on his forehead. It scares small children, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. He is a sweet boy, really, if he’s the only cat around and you only pet him when he wants to be pet. He was a stray tom who just showed up at our house many years ago; he was house-trained from the beginning, so I know he’d belonged to someone previously, but we have no clue who.


Gretchen is out dainty princess who acts completely innocent, but likes to start trouble. She came to us because I friend with lots of little children felt she didn’t have time to take care of her and was afraid she’d end up a barn cat. She saw the potential sweet personality and didn’t want it spoiled. Gretchen is our sweet-heart. She loves cuddles, and the harder you scrub her belly the better she likes it. She will go outside and get wet because she knows she’ll be scrubbed with a towel when she comes back in. Pet her, and she will give you kisses in return. Years ago she ended up with a broken front leg, and during recover when he leg was in a cast, she learned to knock on doors with it, and use it like a boogy board to run and slide across the floor on.



Olive is the loooooooooooooooove of my liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife. We got him when he’d been bitten by a dog and needed someone to nurse him back to health. He lived at the foot of my bed for the next three months, so I guess you could say we got a bit attached to each other. If I let him in the house as I’m on my way out, he will wait just inside the door for me to come back before going to the food dish or anything else.  His face is the color of chocolate, and therefore smooches planted between his eyes are known as Hershey Kisses. He doesn’t like to be held, but you could rub his ears for ten years and that would be okay by him. He’s an over-grown kitten and pounces at Gretchen from behind furniture and rocks every chance he gets.

If you read all that and enjoyed it, congratulations; you are an official Cat Person. We should be friends.



5 thoughts on “30 Day Meme, Day 10: Pets

  1. I want highland cattle too!!!! Alex and I say that every time we drive past that farm that has them on Route 4… ugh.
    Also – Olive is a total DOLL. Oh my word. I am a cat person all the way, Alex is not. Bummer. We had tons of cats growing up; Moment, Perkin, Monday’s Wash, Mismatch, Bug (a miniature calico with down’s syndrome), Mercy, Peter Miller, Guardian and our favorite – Minute. Minute was the sweetest man cat you’d ever want to cuddle. I miss him…

    • My family has a lot of Scottish roots, so I used to dream of starting a “highland” farm, with highlanders and black-face sheep and some Scotch breeds of chickens. Sigh. Someday!!

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