30 Day Meme, Day 4: Friends

4.Write about your closest friend(s).

This is a bit of a challenge because I have several very dear friends who live scattered across the country, who I KNOW I would be much closer with if only the miles were much shorter. Deb, Becca, Maureen, Sam and Krista happen to be a few of them who also blog, (there are more, but girls, you need to blog so I can link to you! <3)ย  so go check out their stuff. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So for this post, I am going to write about my closest friends who I could see just about any day I chose. There are vastly fewer of those. Be forewarned, I’m a girl and tend to get gushy and sentimental.

Meet Kacie.

She’s the gorgeous brunette on the left. I’ve known Kacie for… well, really not that many years when it comes right down to it. I remember meeting her at the birthday party of a mutual friend. He was turning 30, and if only I could figure out how old he is NOW, I’d be golden. It’s less than ten years. Eight, maybe…six? That’s not that important. What’s important is that, even though we live nearly an hour apart, when we get together we have the greatest times; My dad always knows when she’s in the house because he can hear the two of us laughing and carrying on when he’s trying to sleep. Kacie and I share interests in a lot of the same movies, books, (Diana Wynne Jone, anyone?) music (the picture above is of us on our way to a Michael Buble concert!!) we both love baking, we’re both home-school graduates, (not social reject, thank you. ๐Ÿ˜› ) singles in our mid-20’s (always lots to talk about on that subject ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and we both have a deep love for the Lord that binds us most strongly together. We’re crazy, and I feel free to be myself with her. We scheme traveling the world together. We scheme sharing an apartment somewhere half way between our jobs. She inspires me to try new things (and probably doesn’t even know it – hey, Kac, I’m going to go kayaking this summer, I’m not kidding!) She’s been my dance partner for the Virginia Reel in 95 degree humidity. We’ve had a chocolate fight while making Christmas candies. She’s great at giving gifts (she gave me my favorite tea mug and a flower-fairy figuring which I adore.. among many other awesome things. Me? I normally hand her a box of chocolates. I am a horrible gift-giver.) She’s REAL. There have been times when I just needed SOMEONE TO TALK TO abut stuff in my life, and I’ll call up Kacie and tell her to meet me at McDonalds, where we drink milkshakes or peppermint cocoa and just pour out our hearts.

Meet Janet.

Trendy, coffee-loving, home-school mother of five and domestic diva in the best way, I’m known Janet my entire life… or rather, she’s known ME my entire life, because I don’t remember anything as a baby. Her family attends my church and always have for the past zillion years, just like mine. When I was a kid, Janet was one of the cool teens who was a bit edgy, with her trendy haircuts and jeans with the knees ripped out. Then she grew up, got married, moved away, had a couple of kids, moved back and after a few years I became a regular baby-sitter for her kids. Then she started taking me shopping to help out with the kids in the store, and then she’d invite me over to watch a movie with her or help with a painting/art project around her house. Then one year, maybe 6-7 years ago, the women’s group in my church decided to do accountability partners instead of secret-prayer-pals like so many churches do. Why keep it secret? I pray for you and want you to be encouraged my that! And accountability is always good. Janet and I were matched up, and the rest is history. We started out meeting once a week to discuss out personal Bible study, prayer needs, and what was going on in life in general. A lot of the time I’d go over to her house and eventually, I ended up helping home-school the kids, three days a week for two year. So, her family is really like… family. I love those kids, and in return they tell me I might as well live at their house. The other day, the oldest girl (17 now… where did the time go!) was introducing me to someone, and as I muttered something about being ‘a family friend’ she piped up and said “Friend? You might as well be family!” Heart-warming, I tell you! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyway, so that’s the rambley history of HOW we became friends. The WHY is, again, how much we have in common. Janet loves to entertain and put on elaborate dinners, brunches, etc, and cooking is a mutual passion. She also has gorgeous landscaping and flower gardens, and we’ll go green-house shopping together every year. And lawn-saleing. And Black Friday shopping. Shopping in general. I will give her some well-deserved credit for helping me find my style. I went from an awkward teen trying-to-be-modest-and-looking-like-a-grandmother to a much more confident dresser, finding a balance between modesty and womanly. I love and truly care for her kids, so they are always a topic we’ll discuss at length. She staunchly reject any plans for my life which include my moving any great distance away. And of course, starting out as accountability partners, I can really tell her anything. We started out with sharing struggles and praying for each other, and she probably knows more about my spiritual struggles and journey through life than anyone else outside of my family. She’s always an encouragement, not afraid to admit her own struggles and always makes me feel loved and welcome in her life.

Meet Fauna.

She’s the gorgeous red-head on the right. And yes, in case you couldn’t tell, she’s my sister. (Another besty is my younger sister, but she’s not here right now, so she’s in the wrong category. Wuv you, Charlie!) Through childhood, she was the second mother I resented and I was the attention-seeking middle child ( I was neglected, I tell you! I WAS!) but once she figured out that she didn’t need to be my mommy and I figured out that I should start by giving others attention and they’ll give it in return, we began to get along much better. Then the growing-up thing started happening, and I would find myself sitting on her bed in pitch black darkness until two in the morning, talking and talking and talking… and then one day, when we WERE grown up, I suddenly realized that life might take her away from me. Some day, her bed won’t be one room over from mine. So I’d better enjoy every day of it while I can. We’ve gone through hard times together and sobbed on each others shoulders. We discuss every point of doctrine that we study and mull over and wonder why so many people don’t know what they believe or think it’s important to know. As sisters, she can tell me when I need to adjust my attitude and when that blouse really makes me look dumpy. One of us starts humming a song, and by the second line the other is belting it out at full volume. Something random happens that sparks aย  hilarious memory in my mind, and all I have to do is look at Fauna and we both know what it is and laugh ourselves silly over it. We are our goofiest, silliest selves with each other, in the way that, if any one else was in the room we’re quite certain they would question our sanity. And we are the rocks we mutually lean on when difficult things come our way, assuring each other that we are not going crazy, things will soon look brighter. Right now, she’s in a serious relationship with a remarkable young man, and I’m again reminded that the days of her bedroom being one door away from mine… depending on the Lord’s will, there may not be that many left. I will treasure them while they are here.


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