30 Day Meme: Day 3: Favorite TV

3. Your favorite television program.

I have  a hard time playing the favorite game with anything, be it books, movies, tv shows, colors, flowers, foods, anything really. There’s always a certain type or genre that I prefer, but pinning down one as absolutely better than any other… ugh. So to help myself along, I’ll ask the question “If I could watch any TV show right now, which would it be?”

Huh. I surprised myself. After a moment’s reflection, I would watch a few episodes of Alton Brown’s Good Eats.

I thought I’d chose something light and fluffy like Psych or I Love Lucy, or something fantasy related like Once Upon a Time. But nope, right now I want to watch Good Eats. I like the easy scientific break-down of why food does what it does, and of course, Alton’s goofy humor. Yes, I realize that an awful lot of my posts have been about food lately. Oh, and you should definitely check out his books I’m Just Here for the Food“, (cooking) and I’m Just Here for More Food (baking). I own and cherish both.


One thought on “30 Day Meme: Day 3: Favorite TV

  1. Ugh – how can you NOT love Alton Brown! I remember sitting around a table at a restaurant a couple of years ago with some work-mates of mine who showed up rather inebriated to the going away party that was going on at said restaurant. Anywho- lots of awkward, stilted conversation and several baskets of free bread sticks later, someone mentioned Alton Brown and there was suddenly order in the chaos. We all ended up talking about the show and singing the theme song (which has no words… right?) and I was temporarily saved from the horror being the only truly sober person present.
    Bad story, I know – but it’s what I think of when I think of Dear Mr. Brown. Aside from intoxicated coworkers and free breadsticks, he Rocks. The End.

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