30 Day Meme

I don’t normally succumb to these things, but I read through the list of things to write about and it’s actually more interesting than most I’ve seen. 😛 It actually gets idea going instead of “Tell us ten of your strangest quirks” whereupon I sit for an hour trying to think of quirks and half making things up because no matter how strange we think ourselves, most other people are just as strange – that, or we THINK we are and really aren’t… I must be strange for thinking about this. Ha, lookee there, I am quirky! *gloats* (That’s something I’ve wondered about… just why are bloggers fascinated with thinking they are quirky and weird? Hmmmm? )

#1 Tell us your middle name and how you feel about it.


My mom actually wanted to give me Beth as a first name, but she didn’t like any of the standard middle names that go with Beth. Beth Anne, for instance. So, my dad liked Valerie because he thought Valerie Bertinelli was so beautiful; it was a name for a beautiful woman and he figured I’d grow up being beautiful. *snigger* Unfortunately, I’ve only seen Valerie Bertinelli in some movie where she was quite a bit older than when dad admired her, and I wasn’t particularly inspired to look like her. Meh. Anyway, back to Beth. I feel quite fine and dandy about it. No complaints. Mom still like to include in when she talks to me, calling me Bethy or Valliebeth.


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