Sentiment vs. Conquoring the Pack-Rat

I have a series of dearly loved books that my mom gave me over ten years ago, brand-new at the time, boxed paper-backs. Two days ago, I went to a library sale and found the same series, slightly used (not even library discards) and hard cover. I brought them home, naturally, but now I’m struggling to decide what I should do. I could a) keep the hard-covers because they are physically superior, and put the paperbacks on either e-bay or Paperback swap, or b) Keep the paperbacks because they are sentimentally attached to my mom, and put the hardcovers on e-bay. OR, c) I keep them both.

I already know the answer is not c. I have far to much stuff as it is, and YES the question “Why did you even GO to that book sale to begin with?” is flying around my head like a cursed swarm of black-flies.

So which would you do?


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