Little Laundry

Late-night laundry… trying to get household things under control before tomorrow, so our Sunday can be more relaxed. I’m reading friend’s blog posts and listening to music and folding a load of laundry (why do one thing when you can do three?). Big, heavy work-jeans; those would be dad’s. My brother’s XL T-shirts. Handkerchiefs, also dad’s… Mom’s capris… then my hand reaches mindlessly for the next item and out comes a teeny, teeny pair of shorts. Then a set of small purple jammies with pink butterflies on them. One after another, items for miniature people, and it hits me that I need to get used to this. My baby sister is 21, so it’s been a lot of years since we’ve had small clothes around. Now, we are preparing for a family of foster children to move in with us – possibly future adopted siblings, but we’ll see how all that goes. They come to visit about every week now, getting ready for the transition, and each time they bring a few of their belongings to leave, hence the purple jammies. At times my breath catches with excitement at the prospect of these young lives to help grow and mold and comfort… other times it’s in panic, the “WHAT ARE WE THINKING” kicks in as I weigh the reality and brace myself for it. There are so many things to think about and pray about and… things I just have to leave to the Lord. He has opened the doors for these children to enter our lives, I will take the changes as they come.


Start-the-the-day-right Smoothie


Breakfast, anyone? I just got off my second round of HCG drops, during which you have to be on a very restrictive diet. Today was my first day of ‘Phase 3’, or P3 as we call it, and now anything but sugar and starch is on my menu. So. What should we have for breakfast? Eggs and bacon? Coconut flour pancakes? Why, NO! The one thing in the whole world that could possibly satisfy is THIS:


Start the day right Smoothie

AKA “Valerie has lost her mind and now actually craves vegetables” Smoothie.

1 cucumber, peeled and chunked. If the seeds are big and hard I’d get rid of them.

1 large handful frozen strawberries (Or whatever fruit you like – blueberry is good, but your smoothie will turn out brown. Just sayin’.)

1 large handful fresh baby spinach. From your garden if at all possible.

A good big glob of plain yogurt – maybe 1/4 cup.

2 Tbsp flax seed (half that if you have flax meal)

1 scoop vanilla protein powder, optional. There’s protein in flax and yogurt, so it’s up to you.

2-3 packets Sweetleaf stevia or natural sweetener of choice.

About 1/4 C water or juice, my blender at least doesn’t do much until there’s some liquid in there.

Blend, blend, blend away,’til you’re smoothie’s done! Sip it through a big fat straw, then exclaim “Oh yum!”.

Yes, I just wrote that to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat.  Maybe this wasn’t the best way to start my day…


I wanna be a YouTube Chef.

As if BBCGoodFood, Pinterest, Food Network and AllRecipes weren’t enough, I recently found a guy who does cooking videos for YouTube, which I absolutely adore watching. And drooling copiously over. I have never had goat cheese, but Chef John has me convinced that it’s probably a spread from heaven.



You need to subscribe to this guy. He will have your chortling and cooking delicious, easy meals. Nom nom nom.

30 Day Meme – Day 12: Harry Potter

12. Your thoughts or opinions about Harry Potter.


I have not read Harry Potter ( I read about two pages of the first book once, and enjoyed it while it lasted.) or seen any of the movies, so I have no right to an opinion on him (thank you, C.S. Lewis for making that clear in my mind.).

I do have thoughts though. Growing up in a circle of Christian Homeschoolers, there was a huge amount of debate and general hubbub when Harry burst on the scene years ago – I hate to think how many years – about whether he was teaching children that witch-craft was okay, even cool/fun/whathaveyou. I am quite sure that a lot of kids did look into it as a result of reading Harry Potter. Whether this means Rowling is evhul and HP books should be burned in a Nazi-style mound on the village green – I highly doubt it. In fact, I expect that any book, regardless of how innocent or blatant it is, can be used for good or bad. I expect the huge popularity of H.P. has something more to do with interesting characters and intriguing writing on Rowling’s part. I’ll read the series by and by (Especially now… we have foster children coming to live with us soon, and one girl was just telling me she is reading H.P. I want to read them in order to know if THINGS need to be discussed with the children.). Just haven’t gotten through the shocking number of un-read books that already sit on my shelves.

As a disclaimer, please don’t think that I take true witch-craft lightly. Whether you believe it exists for real or not, (I believe it does) the fantasy type and the real type can sometimes get confused, which is why a lot of people don’t like their children reading it. I totally understand that, and if you chose not to read it or let your children read it, that is completely up to you. That’s why I DO plan on reading them, so I can know first-hand if I would rather keep them from my future children until they are old enough to filter things for themselves. I didn’t read much fantasy until I was 18 or so, because mom didn’t like it (legends and fairy tales were okay – you know, King Arthur and Cinderella. That stuff.). I don’t view this as overly-protective; only protective. I actually think I enjoy fantasy that much more now because it’s newer to me. I also have a strong appreciation for books that are not fantasy. I could see myself as a child as being the type to embrace fairies and dragons and spells to the point of not being satisfied with ‘real life’ stories.

Oh, farm-boys…

Let’s see if this video thing works this time. WordPress promises that all I have to do is copy/paste an url from youtube and it will embed, but last time I tried that it FAILED. Bad WordPress.

ANYWAY. I would like to think that some of you don’t know the song that this is a parody of, but it’s been so prevalent in our culture lately that it’s hard NOT to have heard it. Or of it. The original is pretty much disgusting to me, all about physical… you know… lust, in a nut-shell. When I saw someone post an agrarian parody, I had to check it out. Dirt flows in my veins after all.

These guys nailed it. The world needs more young men like them.

Best part: Water, water, water… you’ll know it when you see it. (heeeeyyyyy, that even fits in the song and I wasn’t trying! Hah!)

30 Day Meme, Day 10: Pets

That’s right, I’m skipping right over 9. It’s another boring one, and I live to break rules, so there you have it.


10. Talk about your pets, or pets you would like to have.

There have been times in my family were the animals vastly out numbered the humans – two mama kitties producing two litters a year gave us 14 cats at one point. I’ve had two parakeets, we’ve had untold numbers of goldfish, tetras, oscars and I don’t know what all in the fish department, sea snails, crabs, as many as three dogs at once, a pygmy goat, 6 rabbits, a few pet chickens and… I think that’s it as far as pets of the past go. We also raised animals for meat, but that’s a different story.

Pet’s that I’ve considered having include guinea hens (I was discouraged by people complaining about the noise they make), peacocks and Highland Cattle. I know they are supposed to be a beef cattle, but HONESTLY. I couldn’t.

Could you?

And now, I introduce you to our three current pets.

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All around the world

A friend posted this on facebook… I think it’s an awesome illustrations of people from all parts of the world sharing something in common… love of music and dance and expressing joy.  (Sorry about the language in the title… )