Lantana and Dave’s Garden

Lantana is on my current list of Cool Plants. I just love the hot, multi-color flower heads, so different from the average petunia and geranium, which seems to be what 95% of the local population is looking for. Why? Not to bash geraniums and petunias, but they will walk right by this unique beauty to reach for a red geranium. *shakes head*

You can read real gardeners’ reviews and comments about this plant at Dave’s Garden. I love Dave’s Garden, it’s the first place I will look when I want to know what other real people think about a plant, whether it will survive in my zone 4 garden in spite of being marked zone 5, or if something is invasive or otherwise obnoxious. Always good to know before adding a new species to your garden. Not to mention all the seed and plant swapping that goes on between members. Even if you aren’t a paid member you can still create a wish list and exchange with others. I’ve gotten a lot of unusual seeds, daffodil bulbs, night blooming jasmine and lilies, all for the cost of shipping something I have in return. Sweet deal.


6 thoughts on “Lantana and Dave’s Garden

  1. OH, I love Dave too šŸ™‚ I didn’t know about the seed swap though- cool!
    Also, where I come from, we grow Lantana trees. Literally six to eight feet tall – have you ever seen one? The first time I saw Lantana, I was utterly struck by the tangy grapefruit scent. Hmmmmm… my favorites are the pinks – so gorgeous.

    • Yes, the best way to swap without a paid account is to look up a plant you want, click to see what members have it on their ‘have list’, check out what plants they have on their WANT list, and if you have something to swap, make them an offer. It’s sweet.
      And NO, I didn’t know they grew into tree size! That sounds utterly amazing! I want to see that!

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