Champlain Bridge Celebration

The area I call home has been hugely affected in the last 2 1/2 years by the closure of the bridge that linked New York to Vermont across Lake Champlain. Many New Yorkers work in Vermont and vice versa, not to mention local restaurants, stores, family members, all things you are used to having access to by way of this lovely half mile bridge – suddenly inaccessible unless you drive up along the shore and around, adding 1 1/2 hours to your trip. Yes, the lake is a mighty long lake.  In short, the economy plummeted and most people’s blood pressure rose because of this unexpected event. After three months we finally had a ferry installed, which helped but didn’t fix things. People could at least get to work, but it was so slow and only so many cars at a time, so a lot of people just got used to not crossing the lake. Finally, after nearly two years we have our new bridge. And let me just say  – YAAAAAAAAAAAY.  The opening ceremony was a few months ago, but because of weird circumstances, we didn’t get our big celebration until this past week.

On the historic side, the original bridge opened in 1929, and there are today a handful of people in the area who attended the opening ceremony for the original bridge – my grandfather included. So, for this celebration, all the ” ’29ers” were given special attentions and driven through in the parade. I currently work on Saturdays, which is when the parade was scheduled, so I was trying to resign myself to missing the whole thing, but the history lover in me started screaming internally an hour before the parade was to start, so I approached my boss about taking a really, really long lunch break, and the kind man said I could. 😀


Ya wanna see a happy girl on the way to see a historic moment in the making?


Here she is:



And in case I never mentioned it, I love this time of year. And I love the area where I live.



Folks lining the new bridge, waiting for the parade.  I love parades. I know they are often lame and cheesey but I love them.



Papa!!!! Have I mentioned that I love this ol’ guy, too? He’s the cutest 93 year old on the face of earth. I could gush on the topic of my grandpa. Maybe one day I will in a separate post.

Lots of Revolutionary/War of 1812 history in the area, so fife and drum corps are inevitable.


And it wouldn’t be a parade without a line-up of vintage farm machinery. 😀



Heading back to work after the parade… I get to drive by this view every day.


Later, waiting for fireworks, we had God’s own color display.


Someone with a sense of humor arranged for the fireworks to have synchronized music on the local radio station. I took a radio with me so I could hear it, and more than once I was in stitches over their choice of songs. 😀 The best was ‘On the road again’, which is a blatant play on how hard it was to wait for the new bridge.

The End.


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