Polyphemus Moth

We had a visitor on Mother’s Day. As we were finishing up dinner, my grandmother saw this and thought at first that a bat was hanging from the porch railing. It turned out to be a polyphemus moth, fresh from it’s casing, the wings still soft and fluttering in the wind.

Slightly freaky, and quite magnificent.

You can see a bit of the ‘eye’ inside the wings. Polyphemus was a cyclops in mythology apparently.


The casing.


To get an idea of the size, you may gaze upon my hand. Open, the wing span is about 6 inches. The only other moth I’ve seen near this size is a luna. We don’t open see such large ones. They feed on birth, maple and oak, which explains its presence in my grandparents’ yard. Can anyone blame me for having a very strong Elnora Comstock moment?


Hurrow. You like my hay-ah?


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