Greenhouse Adornment

Typical vignette of any given day at the greenhouse:

Me in The Big House where all the flowers are, busy watering, deadheading etc.

A middle-aged male customer wanders in and stands just inside the door, hands in pockets, vacantly looking around at the rows and rows of brightly blooming flowers.

I take pity on him. “Are you looking for anything in particular?”

“Yes… tomatoes and peppers…”  He begins to strain his eyes looking down the length of the hoop house.

“All of our vegetables are in the next greenhouse.”

“Oh! The one over there?”


The same basic scene happens when people are looking for perennials, which are beyond BOTH greenhouses, on the other side of the parking area. It’s like they think the FIRST door they come to must be hiding exactly what they are looking for and any other option is bewildering. So. I approached my boss and told him asked him nicely if he would like signs to identify the different contents of the greenhouses. He agreed that it would be helpful and even offered to pay me if I would make some signs. BWAHahaha, now we get to the bottom of the idea. *winkwink*


So I stayed up way past my bed time to get these finished for the weekend. I know they aren’t perfect in the world of sign making, but I kinda sorta just did them free-hand… bad girl, I know. Much more consistency would have been achieved if I’d measured everything and done all things correctly, but it’s too late at night for that sort of thing. It makes my head hurt.


Decided to have some fun with this one.


I hope he’s happy with them! He’s not really into fru-fru, so I tried to keep it to a minimum. Now I just have to figure out how much to ask him for them.  $_$


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