Mother’s Day/Prom Flowers

This is my third season working at the nursery, which has a flower shop attached to it. The first year I didn’t help in the flower shop because, well, that’s not what I was hired for! But THEN, the florist quit on Mother’s Day. Walked out. Left then in a giant lurch, you might say. The florist’s helpers frantically stepped in and pulled it all off, but I’m sure that day is burnt deeply in the owner’s mind! When they hired the next florist, she saw I was a creative, artsy type and asked me if I wanted to learn flower arranging. DID I??? Since then I help out on holidays etc. when they need more than one person in the shop. In this particular town, the high-school schedules their prom the same weekend as Mother’s Day every year, so there are three days of frantic taping, wiring, clipping, spraying, glitter and ribbons. I stole a few precious moments to snap quick pictures of a few corsages and arrangements that I was working on. In our small-town community, the people are a bit old-fashioned; most corsages are roses or carnations. Someday I hope to start seeing orchids and different things, but we’ll see.


Simple corsage with yellow mini carnations and white wax flower.


A few of the corsages and bouts in the cooler, waiting to be picked up.


Oops… we need red mini roses and they didn’t get ordered! The solution? Take pink minis…


…and spray-paint the living daylights out of them! Then, naturally, glitter the living daylights out of them. I felt like I was a card in Alice in Wonderland… ‘Painting the roses red.”

Ahhhh. This girl isn’t quite so traditional. My favorite corsage this year. 🙂




This guy walks in with a magazine clipping and says “Can you make that?” Why yes, yes I can.

Blue daisies, lilies and hot pink Gerbers…

I just love the birds.





Love the colors.



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