I forgot to mention…

Today is my Baby Sister’s Birthday. She’s 21 today. This means I am old. I can’t imagine what my mom is feeling about this. 😉

This is Sharyl; famous for her spunk, her smile, her passion for Answers in Genesis Ministries and astronomy in particular, her accomplished violin playing, her tremendous stubborn streak and her love for the Lord. A year ago she moved to Kentucky to take a job at AIG and follow her long-time dream which God has richly blessed. The down-side is that we all miss her tremendously. This is the exciting part – she’s coming home next week for a ten day visit! I’m sure we’ll throw a belated birthday bash and watch movies late into the night, act very silly and crack lame jokes for hours on end (in the way only sisters can do),  take walks in the sunshine along the greening road, and have some picnic where all the people from our church family can come and catch up on her life (or try to – how much of that actually happens in a crowd?). And I just might force her into working on my flower garden with me, because I’m SO BEHIND and she insists she’ll just do whatever we are doing at  home, we don’t need to take time off from work to treat her like a visitor. So.

The two of us last year, just days before she spread her wings and flew to KY.


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