11 Things You’ve (probably never) Wondered About Me

Time to write blog posts has been pretty scarce lately. I’ve been working full time, cooking special meals for my brother and dad (both are currently on the HCG weight-loss solutions and doing MARVELOUSLY.)  and trying to re-claim my living space from the heaps of STUFF that appeared after painting practically all the furniture in my room over a week ago. I’m determined to live with less stuff in my life, even if it hurts, and progress is slow. If I had the time I’d do individual posts about all of those things… hehehe. I do have a three-day weekend coming up, so ya never know! I may get some extra blogging time in! So, in place of those things, for now, I give you my personal answers to 11 Things You Almost Certainly Never Wondered About Me. Hopefully the brilliance of this does not make your head spin.


1. Last book I read:

Currently I’m reading pride and Prejudice again, because it’s been nearly 10 years since the last time, but the last books I FINISHED was The Homeward Bounders by Diana Wynn Jones.


Quite good. Quite intense. Somewhat eery and nerve-wracking in parts. Unique characters. Ms. Jones first hooked me with Howl’s Moving Castle, which is one of the greatest larks EVER, so I have a harder time with her stories that are not so purely fun. With that said, she is brilliant. You really need to read it to see what I’m saying.


2. Flip flops or tennis shoes:

FLIP FLOPS. Aka, the-closest-thing-to-barefoot-allowed-in-public-places. A three-year-old we used to babysit called the wim-bops. I don’t know why. But she talked extremely fast and sort of abruptly, and one day as my sister left the house barefoot she shouted out “Don’tforgetyourwimbops!”


3.Favorite thing to do on a free evening:

If I had nothing pressing to do and had my absolute choice… I’d putter in my garden first, then cook something amazing (something which includes a lot of chopping, I love chopping things.) and lastly crash with people I like and watch a movie. With popcorn. I never used to give two straws for popcorn with a movie, but now that I can’t have it, it sounds like one of the best ideas ever.



4. Favorite crafty thing to do:

I don’t really know… I love working on anything crafty, anything that keeps my hands and mind busy. I used to make and sell note-cards (back before I got a Real Job) and jewelry. I used to crochet quite a bit. I can tell you my least favorite types of crafts includes plastic canvas or those silly foam pieces you glue together to make ugly junk, pipe-cleaners, pony beads, etc. There’s no reason for a craft to be tacky.


5. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?


Mirror Mirror, which I did a quick review of. I still love it.


6. Do you prefer cooking or baking?


It’s nearly a tie, but baking wins. I love baking. Baked goods love me, as evidenced by how close they stick to my side (hips?) and never leave me.  But never fear (you were nearly fearing for a moment there, weren’t you?), I am learning to bake with Alternative Flours (almond, coconut, flax seed, etc), creating low-carb baked goods, which I hope will help me in this area.


7. What is your favorite nail polish color?


Ummmm, I have maybe 8 bottles of nail polish, and 6 of them are a variation of pink. So there it is.


8. Do you wear perfume?

Only one in a while. I like vanilla or something light and fruity, or my one REAL perfume is called White Chantilly. It’s looooooooooovely, but I feel self-conscious wearing it so that doesn’t happen every day.


9. Dresses or Skirts?

Judging by what I actually wear, skirts. It’s rare to find a dress that fits the way it should from top to bottom.


10. American or British spelling?

Mostly American, for obvious reasons. I do love certain British spellings though. I used to use cheque until Someone Dear to Me questioned my sanity, then I promptly gave it up. This was back in my days of being very easily cowed. I should start using it again. I think I will. Cheque, cheque, cheque!!!


11. The 3 words that best describe you.

We all love this type of question… (Says the girl who filled out more than her due share of online dating site questionnaires.)


Conscientious (my boss actually told me that, which was awesome!).

Procrastinator. Sigh.





5 thoughts on “11 Things You’ve (probably never) Wondered About Me

  1. I personally wonder about everyone’s nail polish choices… just saying.
    I know, I’m creepy.
    I *loved* reading this, and I can’t tell you how much I am *loving* your blog.
    You’re awesome! And I think you should spell things however you want to, my husband does 😉

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