All the things we do to pay Him back can never be enough.


1st Corinthians 13, refreshed.

An awful lot of Christian couples have taken to incorporating 1st Corinthians chapter 13 in their marriage ceremony in one way or another. It’s the Love Chapter they say, and what is marriage about if not love? That in itself is cause for debate, but I also would challenge how this passage has been reduced, if you will, to being a ‘wedding thing’.  We hear someone read or recite it, we think weddings.  (I realize I’m making huge generalizations here.)

It is the love chapter. God is love. Literally. And I am to strive to be more like Christ (God) daily. Skimming over this chapter is not The Thing To Do if I want to know God. My pastor read this revamped version of chapter 13 (not meant to replace scripture, I assure you!) this morning, to give us all a fresh look at it. Growing up in the church or spending a great number of years in it does sometimes cause often-used passages of scripture to kind of become flat; you hear the words and they become an audial pattern, emphasis goes here and you raise the tone of your voice there and… wait, what did it just say?

And so, I give you: 1 Corinthians 13 Paraphrased. Read it slowly. Read it aloud and let the meaning sink in. Listen. See how this may apply to your life and let the Lord work in you, making you more like Himself.

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Lantana and Dave’s Garden

Lantana is on my current list of Cool Plants. I just love the hot, multi-color flower heads, so different from the average petunia and geranium, which seems to be what 95% of the local population is looking for. Why? Not to bash geraniums and petunias, but they will walk right by this unique beauty to reach for a red geranium. *shakes head*

You can read real gardeners’ reviews and comments about this plant at Dave’s Garden. I love Dave’s Garden, it’s the first place I will look when I want to know what other real people think about a plant, whether it will survive in my zone 4 garden in spite of being marked zone 5, or if something is invasive or otherwise obnoxious. Always good to know before adding a new species to your garden. Not to mention all the seed and plant swapping that goes on between members. Even if you aren’t a paid member you can still create a wish list and exchange with others. I’ve gotten a lot of unusual seeds, daffodil bulbs, night blooming jasmine and lilies, all for the cost of shipping something I have in return. Sweet deal.

Stolen moments

Tonight I took an hour or so away from the pressing tasks I really should have been doing to plant some seeds.


Cosmos, borage, old fashioned pansies…




And calendulas, or ‘Pot Marigolds’. I love the curly seeds. These seeds are from the gardens of Mount Vernon, which I was able to visit last summer. Cue history geek squee. 😀



She rises while it is yet night…

I have never, ever been a morning person. When it’s required, I’ll get up early, lurching awake to the sickening sound of an alarm going off and wondering if my eyes have indeed been glued shut. Back when my family owned and ran a produce business and I had to get up by 5 at the latest, I have been known to burst into tears. That was a long time ago though. *cough*  Until a couple of weeks ago I didn’t have to be at work until 9, but my hours have just been changed. I now have to be in at 8… which means… I have… to get. up. early.

So. I’ve been compiling a list of pros and cons about getting up early. Here is it.

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HCG P3 Coconut and Soy Flour Pancakes

Some of you know all about HCG, and some of you are probably quite confused about my frequent mentioning of it… others probably don’t give two straws that I’m babbling about things in code and live by unknown food rules. To make a long story short, after weight loss on HCG you come to a phase of stabilizing, where you eat certain types of food until your weight is steady over a length of time, and by this method you keep from gaining all the weight back that you lost. You re-set your metabolism. Sounds hokey? Tell that to the thousands of people whose testimonies I’ve read. Anyhoo. While stabilizing you don’t get to eat starch or sugar, which takes care of pancakes on any average day.  I started learning to bake using almond flour, but then too much almond was making me gain weight so i had to stop. I finally found that soy and coconut flours are okay for me right now, and three days out of the week you’ll find me eating pancakes adapted from this recipe. (Baking powder and corn starch are both starch so they had to go.)


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Champlain Bridge Celebration

The area I call home has been hugely affected in the last 2 1/2 years by the closure of the bridge that linked New York to Vermont across Lake Champlain. Many New Yorkers work in Vermont and vice versa, not to mention local restaurants, stores, family members, all things you are used to having access to by way of this lovely half mile bridge – suddenly inaccessible unless you drive up along the shore and around, adding 1 1/2 hours to your trip. Yes, the lake is a mighty long lake.  In short, the economy plummeted and most people’s blood pressure rose because of this unexpected event. After three months we finally had a ferry installed, which helped but didn’t fix things. People could at least get to work, but it was so slow and only so many cars at a time, so a lot of people just got used to not crossing the lake. Finally, after nearly two years we have our new bridge. And let me just say  – YAAAAAAAAAAAY.  The opening ceremony was a few months ago, but because of weird circumstances, we didn’t get our big celebration until this past week.

On the historic side, the original bridge opened in 1929, and there are today a handful of people in the area who attended the opening ceremony for the original bridge – my grandfather included. So, for this celebration, all the ” ’29ers” were given special attentions and driven through in the parade. I currently work on Saturdays, which is when the parade was scheduled, so I was trying to resign myself to missing the whole thing, but the history lover in me started screaming internally an hour before the parade was to start, so I approached my boss about taking a really, really long lunch break, and the kind man said I could. 😀


Ya wanna see a happy girl on the way to see a historic moment in the making?


Here she is:



And in case I never mentioned it, I love this time of year. And I love the area where I live.


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