Four years later…

Four years, Weight Watchers, the 17 Day Diet,  HCG Weight Loss Solution and a total of 50 pounds later…



I know I already did a weight loss post, but I was browsing through pictures tonight and found some old ones that made me go YIKES, so I thought I’d do a comparison. I’m not trying to brag here, or show off (although I DO think this outfit would benefit from stockings with a seam up the back of the leg, don’t you? And maybe a little hat and gloves and clutch purse…), I just want to share my excitement and encourage others… a struggle with weight is not hopeless. It will take time and determination. Even now, I have more weight I could lose if I decide to go through another round of HCG. I could be a size 10 people. 10. There was a time in my life where I thought that was impossible. I thought I was just a big girl and always would be, it was the way I was made. I thought even if I wasn’t fat, I would still be big. Well, let’s just say I was delusional. I’ll never be a string bean, but neither am I destined to be huge forever.

I still plan on eventually doing a post about HCG, explaining as best I can what that’s all about and how You Too Can Look Like This. *snarky laughter*


8 thoughts on “Four years later…

  1. I have this round and maybe half of one left, and hopefully I’ll be down to the size I’m aiming for. Hopefully. And I promise you will see my results when I’m done. Pinky promise.

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