From Age to Age- New Sovereign Grace Album

I know I mention Sovereign Grace Music quite often to my friends on facebook, but I never feel like it sinks in quite enough, the very great influence this ministry has had on my life. These are beautiful songs, greatly talented people (and I’m VERY fussy when it comes to true talent.) and best of all, sound doctrine. So many of their songs are like mini sermons or bits out of a confession of faith. Many people, including myself, remember words to music much easier than just trying to memorize, so music is a wonderful vehicle to instil doctrine in my mind. Looking back over the last five years or so, many times of spiritual growth on my part have been accompanied by a song from Sovereign Grace that I could cling to, sing with and ponder, helping me to get through struggles. Not that they can take the place of scripture, but as I said, music stays with me more readily.

Valley of Vision was their first album that I was introduced to. Our worship leader started using some of the songs from it, and I was stricken with the beauty of the music and the deep meaning and heart-felt prayers they were based on, written by Puritans hundreds of years ago. I didn’t particularly follow SG though, until Risen was released and I was a part of the worship team and I started looking as worship and praise music in a very different light. Then last year my sister and I were able to go with our worship leader and his wife to a Worship God conference at Covenant Life Church where the worship was often led by Sovereign Grace people, and the conference ended with the recording of a live album, The Gathering, which takes you through the many different aspects of a church gathering, from the church coming together, prayer, worship, praise, communion, even leaving ‘the gathering’ and going out into the world.

Anyway, all I meant to do was share a song from their new album, From Age to Age (Lyrics from old hymns set to new music, etc.) and I got a bit carried away. I’m sleepy, too, so I don’t really know if this post is at all interesting. I hope it is. SG has such a dear place in my heart, I would hate to represent them poorly to you.

I love this new song… the words to the last verse especially speak to me where I am right now.

Gladly would I flee temptations
For their troubles fill my life
Turn and seek my God and Savior
For His goodness satisfies
Earthly treasures, all are passing
Thieves break in and rust destroys
But in God are awesome splendor
Love, and everlasting joys


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