Spring clean-up

This spring I’ve had so many different projects going on at the same time, I often step back and get all overwhelmed and tend to ask myself what was I thinking. To escape despair, I decided to hire a couple of children from my church family to help me get ahead with my yard-work and other outdoorsy things. Yesterday turned out lovely and sunny, if a touch cool still, and we got quite a bit done.



“Valerie, the wagon is full.”

“Well get up there and stomp it down again!”


“You know you are having fun.”



Care-bear is an excellent little garden-cleaner-outer.  As you can see, it needs it badly.



And then finally, the wagon really was to full to load anything more on it, so I had a very willing helper to assist me in cleaning out the frames for my new-to-me bee hives.




And of course, no matter what project you are working on, it always helps to have some of the resident cats lurking around.




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