Mrs. Gigglebelly is Coming to Tea


Today, most people either live with a coffee mug permanently embedded into their hand, or they gush at you about the wonders of tea. A few meet somewhere in the middle. And I actually can think of two people off the top of my head who enjoy neither. I like an occasional cup of coffee. I like to call myself a social drinker; when I’m out with friends or visiting a friend who offers me a cup, I won’t refuse it. But I rarely will reach for coffee on my own initiative. Part of this is due to my being a determined up-stream swimmer, aka, EVERYONE LOVES COFFEE and so for that very reason I won’t let myself get addicted (The same backward thinking that made me refuse to watch or read Lord of the Rings until about two years ago. Honestly, the crazier people are about something the less likely I am to pay attention.). I guess I’m a bit two-faced when it comes to that though, because I quite happily float along with all the tea-lovers out there.

This is due in part to a little book that my aunt used to read to me, when I was little enough to be sitting on her lap.

While I was supposed to be pondering how the small things in life like a mother taking time out of her busy day to dress up and spend time with her daughter, I was fascinated by the tea itself. The concept of having a tea, going to a tea, surrounded by roses, with little plates full of, well, it was crackers with jelly in the book, which is not too impressive to me, but you get the idea. This was one of those things that has stuck will me my entire life thus far. I have hosted elaborate teas, outdoors, surrounded by my flower gardens, with plates full of dainty, lovely things.  And people come dressed up. It makes them happy to come.

I am in the process of planning another tea for this spring, and having a lark.

If I ever open a tea room, it will me called Mrs. Gigglebelly’s. Or at least, I like to say that it will. Would you come and have tea at a place with such an outlandish name? If I promise you fresh lemon curd on scones, crumpets with butter, and the most delicious little sandwiches you ever tasted?


One thought on “Mrs. Gigglebelly is Coming to Tea

  1. I’m one of those middle ones. I love both equally, and I get just as excited over either, LOL. I would most certainly come to Mrs Gigglebelly’s Tea Room. If you’ll come by my coffee shop now and then, which I intend to call Perks & Recreation. As I serve Green Mountain and Lavazza coffees. I promise you’ll like the kolaches, and stollen. Really. And the lebkuchen.

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