Newspaper Seedling Pots




You will need:

  • Newspaper
  • A small can or straight-sided glass about the size of the pot you want. (Tomato past or condensed milk sizes are good, you don’t want it huge.)
  • Scissors

Cut the newspaper into strips 1 1/2 to 2 times the height of the can.


Line the bottom of the can up with one edge of the paper and roll up snugly. Then crush/shove the excess length of the paper roll down into the open end of the can.


Remove the can from inside the paper tube and turn it over. Re-insert the can, bottom-first, into the tube, so that the bottom of the can presses the folded paper back down, and press tightly on the table surface, forming the bottom of your pot.

Fill with soil that you have pre-wet (not soaking wet, but moist enough to plant directly into.) . Poke a hole in the soil with your finger (Dibbles… I never understood those. Why pay for something that you have built in?) and gently guide seedling roots into the soil, slightly firming the soil around the base of the plant.


That’s it! Keep your seedlings moist until planting time, then plant pots directly in the ground where the paper will compost naturally.


I know I should have gotten a good picture of forming the bottom of the pot, so if you need extra help figuring out what I am trying to show you, there is an excellent video of this process HERE.


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